Enid Stoker (d.1962)

The fact that she was known as THE Aunt, shows that the 4 nieces loved her the most of their aunts. Pippa and Wilma remember her being very approachable, and that one could Say Things to Her. They remember her seeming always to be swinging a black handbag. When she tapped her foot that meant that they had been Saying Things to Her long enough, and they should leave.
Alice Lynch writes, "I remember her as living in a huge house in Pelham Place and not very often visited by the younger of her great nieces (Alice). She was a pianist of some note, and indeed was a great friend of Myra Hess (who amongst other things was famous for her free wartime concerts at St. Martins-in-the-fields).
Aunt Enid's daughter Eve married Negley Farson, the American author and boozer-extraordinaire. He wrote 'The Way of thre Transgressor' and 'Journey along the Caucasus'. They lived near Braunton in North Devon. When she was younger, Eve had been a VAD in Russia, and she embroidered the dresses in one of the best known photographs of Pippa, Betty, Anne and Wilma. She was Wilma's godmother.

Their only child was a son, Dan Farson. There is a story of Hester and Awly visiting Aunt Enid when they were still quite young and having to listen to a song recital by Dan accompanied by Aunt Enid on her piano - unfortunately they laughed and were never spoken to by Dan again. He also fell into a pond at Edwardston and was rescued by Pippa and Betty.
Aunt Enid's husband, Tom Stoker, died long before I was born, and indeed I barely knew his name but he was famous for having Bram Stoker (author of Dracula) for a brother. He was nearly blind."