Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week of 25 April 196

Tuesday, 26 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Sarah worked here all morning and Anne took the boys to the Science Museum and then on to Lil.
Sarah has gone on her own to the French film at the Academy this evening.
Wednesday, 27 April
Anne worked like a slave all morning to leave everything straight for me. I drove them all down to catch the 2.40 train to Ramsgate from Victoria.
Friday, 28 April
Letters from Bet, Anne and Wilma today. Wuff asks me to go down there and I think I may decide to go on Thursday till Monday as the house will be completely empty then.
Hester came and sat with me this evening whilst I had my supper. She insists on coming in on Monday to give the house a bit of a clean and discuss plans. They are going to Ringshall on Tuesday.

Week of 18 April 1960

Monday, 18 April
Ringshall Grange
Sat out befpre lunch and met the Turners - the new purchasers.
Pont played golf at Ipswich but brought the car back in time for Bet to drive Alice and me to tea with Daphne, Christopher and family. Very nice, though sad. Afterwards we drove over to Winifred, but of course she was out. Then round to Edwardstone. I enjoyed it all.
A lovely evening.
Tuesday, 19 April
In spite of a good night I felt as tired as ever, and did not come down till after 12 à'clock when Awly, Jamie and Angus had already arrived. Awly's birthday. She is 26.
A very pleasant party. The boys mostly indoors, playing with numerous motor cars. They left about 4.30.
Pont left early this morning for Braintree.
Wednesday, 20 April
Bram, Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept at No. 47
A very lovely day, and I Actually lay out all the afternoon on a rug on the lawn, and Bet and I had tea out of doors. I enjoyed it more than anything on my visit. Alice went back to work this morning but will be down again on Friday for the weekend.
Winifred came over to supper - her husband drove her over but did not come in. She is as nice as ever and is going to try and find me a maid.
Bram rang up to say goodbye. They are all going to drive down tomorrow morning to see him off - Gatwick, I think.
Thursday, 21 April
Ringshall - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Lovely day. Boys went off early to Ipswich. Bet drove with me to Stowmarket where I caught the 11.28 to Liverpool St. Lunched in train which arrived half an hour late. Did not get home till 2.30. Found Anne and the boys. Sarah was lunching with Alice. They had all drive to London Airport to see Bram off by KLM.
Friday, 22 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Alice phoned. She has decided to after all to go down to Ringshall tonight, so won't be able to go to the theatre with Sarah tomorrow.
Saturday, 23 April
Anne, Sarah, Peter and Paul slept here
Sarah is 17 today and Jamie is 4.
Anne and Sarah went to The Complaisant Lover at the Globe.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Week of 11 April 1960

Monday, 11 April 
47 Hamilton Terrace
Alice slept here
Shopped in morning before lunching with Enid for her birthday (88). A mass of floral tributes and other presents.
Alice back for supper and much less tired today. I have taken tickets for her and me for Stowmarket on Good Friday.
Wednesday, 13 April
Alice slept here
Phoned Pips this evening who seemed in very good form. James flying to Germany tomorrow for the varsity hockey matches.
Pippa came in for a drink and was looking better and very pretty. She had got me two slips for my birthday present for Awly.
Thursday, 14 April
Alice slept here
Muff is now ill - but Gordon is there. He is very kindly driving Alice and me to Liverpool St to catch our 10.20 train to Stowmarket. Rang up Bet and fixed it all up.
Friday, 15 April
47 Hamilton Terrace - Ringshall Grange
Up early to finish packing, shut up house etc. Alice very helpful. Gordon fetched us at 9.15 and drove us to Liverpool St station (Monga came too) and saw us into the 10.20 train to Stowmarket. Very empty, our first class tickets quite unnecessary! Lunched in train. Pont and Johnny met us at Stowmarket. Lovely to get to Ringshall and see Bet, but I was dead to the world, and after coffee went up to rest in my delightful little room upstairs overlooking the meadow. Had tea upstairs (home-made hot X buns!). Much discussion with Bet about alternative plans for next week. She has gone to endless trouble about them.
She phoned Daphne and we are to drive over to Bentions ? on Easter Monday when we shall also see Christopher and his family. It turned into a perfect afternoon and they played rounders with their new tenants, the Haworths.
Saturday, 16 April
Ringshall Grange
Pont and Barnaby played golf at Ipswich.
Sunday, 17 April
Bet drove me to a tiny village church for Easter Communion and Pont and Barnaby fetched me back.
In the afternoon Bet drove Alice and me over to tea at Hill House, Marlesford. I was awfully pleased with everything there - house - garden - family. Awly looking so well and pretty and the children delightful, including the new baby. Name not quite fixed yet. "Polly" perhaps or "Sophy".

Week of 4 April 1960

Monday, 4 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Hester brought me daffodils from Notley, but would not wait. She looked awfully seedy, and Gordon is giving her penicillin for a sore throat. Monga seedy too and both children are away from school.
Budget day. No change in income tax.
Wednesday, 6 April
Home soon after 6 o'clock to receive the shattering news that Clara's sister has to go into hospital on Sunday, and she (Clara) must leave me on Saturday!!
Bet phoned later and at once suggested that I should go to them over Easter! Hester will look in tomorrow to discuss plans.
Thursday, 7 April
Nicky phoned. She had been listening to General de Gaulles speech to the Houses of Parliament and was thrilled to the marrow.
Edward Fitzgerald has promised to mow my lawn tomorrow, weather permitting.
Friday, 8 April
Bet phoned and all is fixed up for Alice and me to go down to Ringshall on Good Friday.
Later Nicky turned up to bring me my belated birthday present - a lovely box of brandy cherries.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Week of 28 March 1960

Monday, 28 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
James Mac rang up just before 9 am to say that Awly had had a daughter just before midnight yesterday, both doing well. Alice just got the news before leaving, Hester a little later when she looked in.
Tuesday, 29 March
I am 84 today. A ghastly birthday as far as weather goes, but otherwise very nice, and loved all my presents, flowers, messages, etc.
Pippa and Bettu both rang me up tonight - Bet with the great news that Ringshall is sold - a good price and they will be clearing out in May.
Pippa has suggested my going down to her for Easter, and if Clara had to leave me and the house was empty, it might be a very nice plan. But at the moment Clara seems very happily installed here.
Wednesday, 30 May
Anne and Bram slept here
I got down by mid-day and Anne and Bram arrived in good time for lunch, both looking very well and very excited. They have sold Westacre but not till end of July. Bram's contract is for 20th April so he will be here for Easter.
Clara gave us a very good lunch which they loved. They have been out all afternoon shopping etc, but came back so that Anne could change before going off to dine before going to The Amorous Prawn. I rang up Bet wh had been over ot lunch with Awly. Everything well there, and a very nice baby.
Friday, 1 April
Anne and Bram caught the 2.40 train to Ramsgate. Bram had to go unexpectedly to Elstree to be examined by the Huntings doctor. All went satisfactorily. His year's contract signed for April 20th. They are both in the highest spirits.
Sunday, 3 April
Hester drove me to church - stayed for both services and bussed back. H was on her way to Notley with the Ms and Woof. Hoped to get back early as she was not feeling well with sore throat.

Week of 21 March 1960

Monday, 21 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Betty slept here
Bet stayed for dinner and then went over to Hester - Alice is staying the night there.
Saturday, 26 March
Alice slept here
Alice arrived for a fine hot lunch and afterwards went to local cinema.
Had supper with Alice in kitchen but went ot bed immediately afterwards.
Anne rang up up to say that Bram has got a year's contract with Hunlings (?) and will be going to N Persia in the next 2 or 3 weeks. They will come here on Wednesday for a couple of nights for his yellow fever inoculation etc.
Sunday, 27 March
Alice slept here
Alice slept till nearly lunch-time and was out most of the morning with a friend who took her to tea with his parents in Wandsworth (she finds him very boring but we had an interesting talk this evening over a drink).

Week of 14 March 1960

Tuesday, 15 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
After supper Bet rang up to tell me that Dick Pemberton died quite suddenly today. The funeral is at Chelsworth on Thursday followed by cremation. Jeremy is there and Roger is arriving tomorrow.
Wednesday, 16 March
After lunch I met Mabel at 116 Harley St for her interview with Dr Anthony Storr.
Awly rang up just to exchange news and sounded in very good form. The baby is due on Sunday.
Sunday, 20 Marrch
Bet phoned to ask if she could dine and sleep here tomorrow night. They are coming up for one night but Pont is staying with his friends in Chelsea. This is splendid news for me as there is a great deal I want to discuss with her. Clara vry pleased and excited.