Friday, 3 October 2008

Friday, 15 January 1943

Sheepcote, Castle Hedingham
Spent a delightful day in bed with a fire and only came down in time for supper.
It was a lovely rest which I felt in need of. It was lovely hearing the children's voices in the morning, instead of the nurses!
Bet and Wilma moved some furniture into the garage. Wilma is busy answering [?] land girls in response to her ad. in the Farmer and Stock-Breeder.

Sarah comments:

I agree with James' comment that spending a day in bed sounds good. When I have had a read of the diaries, I have got the impression that - with the honourable exception of Betty, I think - there was a lot of emphasis on illness and retiring to bed and calling the doctor. Of course, general health during the war may well have been poor and they were paying the doctor so, no doubt, he was more willing to call, but I still think that it borders on family hypochondria. It will be interesting to see what you think as you get further.

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