Monday, 20 October 2008

Sunday, 1 March 1943

A lovely day for Bet's move. Everything went splendidly. Jocelyn's pantechnicon turned up at 9 am with 4 men and was out of the place by 11.30. Half an hour earlier Bet, Wilma, Betty, Donald, 8 hens, a couple of chicken houses etc. left in a horse box.
The house felt very queer later on, even though we still have the children, and Anne and I felt a bit low. We rang Bet up before supper (Gt Wenham 253) and heard a very satisfactory account of everything.

Alice comments: Re Bet's first night on her own at Gt. Wenham, Gran doesn't mention it in her diary (perhaps didn't know) but Mose was busily staining the bedroom floorboards in a full air-raid and didn't dare stop because time was of the essence!

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