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Week of Monday, 25 October 1943


Monday, 25 October

1 Pelham Place

Felt downright seedy with my cold and stayed in bed all day. Very luxurious!

Lil was over at the flat and came back with the sad news that if and when it was habitable again the rent would be raised to the prewar level, which she thinks will make it impossible for her financially.

Kathleen was here for tea and full of sympathy.


Tuesday, 26 October

Woke feeling much better and came down for lunch. Did not go out of doors.

Lil very busy at the flat.


Wednesday, 27 October

Woke to a foggy unpleasant morning but it cleared into a lovely afternoon. Cold nearly gone but I feel very cheap.

Mabel, Enid and I went to the Moisevitch recital at the National Gallery. Enormous crowd. Enid got there by 11 o’clock to reserve our places. He did not come up to my expectations.

Lil all day at the flat and very tired. Enid came over for dinner. All preparations being made for Lil to take over the top flat as Mabel’s lodger for the present.


Thursday, 28 October

Another foggy morning turning into a fine afternoon. Mabel went out with Lil to the flat in the morning to give her a helping hand, and they both came back for an early lunch before Lil went to meet the Graces who had taken seats for Arsenic and Old Lace. I had a very satisfactory interview with Gerald Tooth, 37 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, and found him very helpful and on the spot. He is drawing me up a new will.


Friday, 29 October

Less foggy, but very sunless. Lil made a very early start to meet the furniture removers at her flat at 9 o’clock, and did not get back till teatime.

Anne rang up to know if I could go out and look after Sarah whilst she went to the Food Office, which I did, arriving about 11 o’clock, bringing chrysanthemums, jam brown sandwiches and a treacle tart, all of which seemed very welcome. Found Anne and Sarah very well, but the former very busy. She was expecting Lady Grattan Doyle for tea, but I left before she arrived. They were also having a Colonel for supper, so there was plenty to do. I was able to help with the Hoover, etc.


Saturday, 30 October

Another sunless day. Lil spent it with Graham Howe, criticizing the coming book and had lunch and tea with him.

Mabel stayed all day in bed, looking and feeling poorly. I did some chores in the Knightsbridge direction in the morning. Got back to lunch here, and rested for the rest of the day.

A short alert about dinner time.


Sunday, 31 October

Another grey day. Mabel and I went to the 10.15 Communion at St Martins.

In the afternoon I went to hear a lecture on Life Under Nazi Rule by a Fran Litton given at the Kensington Town Hall under the auspices of the MOI.

Came back to tea. Jack Miller was here, and Mrs Parks [?] turned up later. Lil came down in her dressing gown. She spent most of the day in bed. Enid had supper with us and told us about the happy week-end she had had down with Dan at Wellington.

A short alert last night.

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