Sunday, 23 October 2011

Week of 2 October 1950

Monday, 2 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Dr Schoch left for Bournemouth this morning. I felt very tired and stayed in bed till teatime. Hester and Awly spent the evening here, late tea and early supper, and were in yproarious form.

Wednesday, 4 October

Wilma slept here

Fine and mild. I shopped in the morning and had my hair waved. Wilma arrived at 12.30 and we lunched and wamled round the garden. Then I rested whilst she went to Peter Jones and saw Hester!

Back to tea where she met Geraldine Noyes who stayed for an early supper. Afterwards we (Wilma and I) went to the Mercury Theatre to see L'Enfant Prodigue. Very well done, but rather tedious.

Friday, 6 October

Dr Schoch slept here

I went to S Ken to get my velvet hat from Jane Morris and saw Enid and Mabel for a few minutes. Rested in the afternoon. Hildegard and I had an early supper together then bussed down (accompanied by Swiss Betty) to the Albert Hall where we found Awly and Gillian de Winton in Alice Parson's box. The concert was given by Elizabeth Schumann and Szigelle (violonist). Both fine artists but such an unsuitable hall.

Sunday, 8 October

Dr Schoch slept here

Hester, Awly and Gillian came out for tea afterwards. A and G played the piano whilst I walked with Mabel up to the 74 bus.

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