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Week of 10 December 1951

Monday, 10 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

Hester rang up to say she was up in town and feeling sick and seedy and could she spend the night here. She has a temp. of 100.5

Tuesday, 11 September

Hester feeling very sick and seedy. Dickie turned up about 12.30 and he and I lunched at MacWirters. I found him very nice and easy. Hester stayed in bed till evening when Dickie came again and gave her her supper.

Geraldine Noyes came to high tea and we went ot Covent Garden Opera to see Benjamin Britten  by Billy Budd. A splendid performance but I was too tired to enjoy it.properly. I left my gloves and scarf!

Wednesday, 12 December

Hester slept here

Hester was sick during the night and came for a hot water bottle. She stayed in bed till late. She stayed in bed till late but insisted on coming down and cleaning my dining room. Dickie came and took her out ot lunch but they were both of them "wretched shapes" as he had had a tooth out. She had tea with him at his club.

Thursday, 13 decorated

Hster left after an early lunch by taxi for Liverpool St where Dickie Olivier wsa meeting her and travelling down to Ringshall. She was better, but not right.

Friday, 14 December

Awly arrived by bus from Ipswich before 7 o'clock. We had an early supper and then she had a hot bath. Looking very pretty. We rang up Bet. She said Hester had seen the doctor and he was going to take a blood count.

Pips rang up later.

Last night Bram rang up to say that his father had.

Sunday, 16 December

47 Hamilton Terrace - Christ's Hospital

Packed after lunch and bussed to Victoria fro 3.18 train to Christ's Hospital. Pippa and Philippa met me there. The treasurer and Mr and Mrs Hubble were there. After a good tea we went to the Carol Service. Very impressive.

Sunday, 17 December

Reg fetched me at 12 o'clock and I lunched, rested and had tea at the farm, and felt the better for it.

Pippa came and fetched me and we went to the Leaving Servie which I have always wanted to hear. Oswald gave each of the leaving boys a magnificent bible.


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