Saturday, 20 October 2012

Week of 15 June

Monday, 15 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

After supper I went down to Mabel's hotel where Margot collected us, and we picked up Enid and made a really lovely tour of the illuminations. We went down The Mall, across Westminster Bridge, back over Waterloo Bridge to St Paul's,  finishing up with Piccadilly Circus and Regent St. The floodlighting of the City Hall and Somerset House was superb. Got home at midnight.

Tuesday, 16 June

Bet and Barnaby slept here

Bet rang me up at 7.30 to say that there was a case of suspected infantile paralysis at Barnaby's school and she had decided to take him away and could they both come to me. He was sent off to Waterloo where another mother promised to see him into a taxi, but there was a mix-up and he only arrived at the same time as Bet about 2.30. He looked much better than when I last saw him. Very difficult to make plans for the immediate future.

Friday, 19 June

Bet and Barnaby slept here

Bet told me the joyful news that all is well and that the "polio" has turned out to be meningitis, and Barnaby will be able to go back to school - probably on Sunday evening. [They seem to be in a great hurry to get rid of me]

Saturday, 20 June

Bet and Barnaby slept here

Bet, Barnaby and I shopped in the morning and they played cricket in the garden. Pont had spent the afternoon here (more cricket) and after supper he drove Bet and Rudge to a news film and then on to see the illuminations

Sunday, 1 June

Bet slept here

A fine day but downpours at night. Bad luck for Wilma and the Studley party who drove up for the illuminations and looked in at 10.45 to drop plants and some lovely strawberries etc. Bet saw Barnaby off at Waterloo and Pont met her there in his car. They drove round about, saw a film, dined together and he brought her back afterwards.


  1. It's a bit eye-popping, isn't it, that Gran should have thought meningitis in your school was "joyful news" !

  2. Yes, and they were obviously in an unseemly hurry to get rid of me!