Saturday, 24 November 2012

Week of 19 April 1954

Saturday, 24 April 1954

47 Hamilton Terrace - Abbeylands, Settle, Yorkshire

I had a very comfortable journey up and lunched in the train (half a bottle of graves) and was met by Bram, Sarah and Peter in the car at Hellifield at 6 pm. The sun came out a little for the drive here. Anne has a horrid cough but otherwise looks pretty well and the others splendid, though Paul is very pale. The views from the house are quite lovely and my bedroom is very comfortable.

Sunday, 25 April

Abbeylands, Settle

I I had a splendid night and woke to lovely sun, but it soon clouded over and is bitterly cold. We went in for drinks with a Mrs Pollitt, a neighbour - terribly dull - and in the afternoon Bram took me for a lovely drive over the moors but it was too overcast to see properly. In the evening Mrs McEvoy came in for drinks. Very dull!

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