Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Week of 9 November 1953

Monday, 9 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet rang up at teatime at Marylebone station! She was on her way to Hester who is back in her own bed where she is to stay for the time being, but all is satisfactory and the two little girls are safe back at school.

Friday, 13 November

Bram rang up at 8.30 pm to say that Anne's son was born at 6.45 pm. He weighs 10 lbs 10 oz, she had had no stitches and was full of beans. She had phoned him at 11 am to say she was starting for hospital and he came straight away in his car, reaching Colchester and saw her there. had tea at Troughend and then returned to the hospital and had long talk with her. Widly happy. Awly was here when the news came through. She had phoned to Bet. Hester doing well and Awly is going down there tomorrow morning and staying the night.

Saturday, 14 November

Bram rang up in the evening to say that Anne and the baby were doing fine. He has been registered Paul Nicholas de Sautey Brammall.

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