Saturday, 19 January 2013

Week of 2 May 1955

Monday, 2 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Bram left in their car about 10 am. Bet had a terrific morning, packing and directing little boxes of wedding cake. We all three lunched at Selfridges, and Bet and Barnaby caught the 3.20 train down to Aylesbury.

Thursday, 5 May

47 Hamilton Terrace - Christ's Hospital

Cold, windy, with heavy showers. Non-stop morning. Caught the 3.18 train to Christ's Hospital where Pippa and Nicky met me. Both so nice and welcoming. Tea and a stroll round the garden and then a rest. Oswald back from London in time for dinner but Philippa not in this evening.

Saturday, 7 May

Christ's Hospital

Reg called for me at 11 am and I lunched and had tea at the Farm, and greatly enjoyed the day. Philippa came over about 6 pm and drove me back to CH very carefully.

Sunday, 8 May

Another fine day, but not warm. I went to morning and evening chapel and watched the girls play tennis.

An Old Blue named Armstrong brought his wife and two nice little girls to tea. He is in British Petrol and knows both Roddy and Jeremy.

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