Saturday, 24 August 2013

Week of Monday, 22 October 1956

Monday, October 26
47 Hamilton Terrace - St George's Hospital
James MacLachlan drove Mabel and me into the hospital after lunch. I am in bed in Ratcliffe Ward, 2nd floor.
Tuesday, 23 October
St George's Hospital
Day spent in preparation for op. tomorrow.
Wednesday, 24 October
Operation by Dr Bridgeman at about 10.30 am after much preliminary work. No general anaesthetic but felt no pain and slept most of the day afterwards.
Thursday, 25 October
Both eyes heavily bandaged and of course completely immobile, but very heavily doped and not too bad.
Saturday, 27 October
My good eye uncovered. A huge delight to see the ward again but of course have still to remain motionless.

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