Monday, 18 January 2016

Week of 16 November 1959

Monday, 16 November
47 Hamilton Terrace
Awly shared the spare room with Nicky
Nicky left early on her Lambretta. Hester arrived for the cot after leaving the two Ms at school. She was absolutely speechless (laryngitis, I think) and we had to speak by signs and writing. She was expecting Awly at midday.

Tuesday, 17 November
Awly and Nicky share spare room
Awly brought the 3 children over this afternoon. They are delightful. Angus the pick of the bunch, I think [she must be kidding!]. Hester still looks awfully seedy but her voice is coming back and she is coping marvellously well with the invasion.
Nicky came straight back from the Festival Hall concert and did some packing and did some packing before our hot drinks so she and Awly got to bed reasonably early.

Wednesday, 18 November
I met Reg at the Regent Palace Hotel and we taxied to Pruniers in St James's Street and had a sumptuous lunch there (lobster cocktail, etc.).

Thursday, 19 November
Hester fetched me soon after 6 o'clock for a drink and to see all five children. I did so enjoy it. She and Awly drove me back before going on to see Five Finger Exercise.

Sunday, 22 November
Hester rang up. "Gordon" was up and they had all lunched at the Cheese and Grill. Hester sounded all right.

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