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Tuesday, 5 January 1943

Mabel had a better night - no sickness and some nourishment taken. It was arranged that Dr Knott should do the blood transfusion, but he never came, and Enid & I spent the whole day waiting in the drawing room. It was a very good day for Mabel - a marked change for the better, finishing off with scrambled eggs for supper!
I read to her from The Heir of Redcliffe but only a page or two. Dr Atkinson came after tea and told her about the blood transfusion and she was awfully good about it. It is a horrid idea.

Wednesday, 6 January 1943

Mabel had the best night she has had for a long time with long peaceful sleep and no nausea.
Dr Atkinson found her much better  and said that Dr Knott would come in the morning and decide whether to give her a blood transfusion.
I hardly left the house till I went over to Enid for supper.

Thursday, 7 January 1943

Not quite so comfortable a night, as Mabel had aches and pains and felt she had got a little chill. Dr Knott came in the morning and took a blood test, and decided to wait for the result before fixing up the blood transfusion.
He phoned at lunchtime to say there was no difference in the blood picture and that he would come and give the transfusion in the afternoon. She was very calm and good and took it all well. It did not take much over the hour
Her colour looked better afterwards, but later she had a bad headache and seemed very tired.
A horrid day. I barely left the house. Enid had supper here.

Friday, 8 January

A gorgeous frosty day. Mabel had quite a decent night but an uncomfortable day. Very hot and aches and pains. Temperature this evening 101. Dr Atkinson quite satisfied this morning, so it may only be the reaction after the blood transfusion yesterday.
Bet came up for the day and bought and bought a lot of produce. She looked so well and so very nice. And in the evening I had a ring-up from them all at Sheepcote to say that Anne had had a happy birthday and they had had a fine dinner and fine eats.
I felt tired today and rested on the sofa during the part of the afternoon.

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