Saturday, 27 September 2008

Friday, 1 January 1943

Christ's Hospital, Horsham - 1 Pelham Place, London SW7

Pippa saw me off by 10.43 train from C.H. When I reached Victoria I couldn't get a taxi and had to lug my heavy things back by underground.
I found Mabel definitely less well. Dr Knott had been to take the blood test and told Enid he felt sure that it would prove to be less good. He rang up Dr Atkinson later, and said he had not completed the count but she had definitely lost blood. She had an uncomfortable day with palpitations and some nausea. I decided I wouldn't return tomorrow, and rang up Sheepcote to that effect. Also CH where Wilma is. I had supper with Enid and rang up Reg. Both Enid and I feel sad and anxious.

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