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Week of 29 November 1943

Monday, 29 November

Lyd Valley House - Christ’s Hospital

A wild night. Everyone overslept, and Wilma had to come up and waken Miss George.

Miss G drove us down to the ford. We were met there in a hired car with Ray in it and went on to Lydford station where he saw me into the train for CH and they then drove on to Bridestowe.

I reached CH about 6 o’clock and Oswald met me at the station. I got a great welcome from Pippa and the children. They have all had colds and coughs and don’t look up to much.

The electric light and the hot water is a great luxury and the house looks unbelievably clean.

Mabel rang up.

Tuesday, 30 November

Christ’s Hospital

Very cold day.Felt very tired and didn’t get up till the middle of the morning. Took a short walk in the afternoon. Everyone rather all overish.

Wednesday, 1 December

Went into Horsham to get my hair waved at Blondel. They did it very well.I got there a many-coloured coat to make up for Alice’s Xmas present.

Thursday, 2 December

Drove into Horsham with Pippa and got some books to send to Betty’s children who are laid up with flu.

Friday, 3 December

Philippa and Nicky in bed all morning. I took James out with me on his bike.

In the afternoon, Mrs McHappie [?] came to tea.

Saturday, 4 December

Caught 11.23 train to Brighton and lunched and had tea with Reg who is just over flu. We had a very long talk over his own affairs mostly, which are very tangled and troubled, but also about Lyd and Wilma.

I caught the 5.55 back to CH and walked up from the station in lovely moonlight.

Rang up Bets and heard that Hester had been back in bed with a temp of 104, but was normal again.

Sunday, 5 December

Stayed in bed for breakfast, and went with Oswald to morning chapel.

In the afternoon we all three went to a concert of Christmas music given by the Phebus singers in the Great Hall.

Oswald is on Home Guard fire duty tonight.


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