Friday, 3 April 2009

Week of 6 December 1943

Monday, 6 December

Christ’s Hospital

Pippa and I went into Horsham by bus in the morning. I got gramophone records for the Flecker children for Christmas. In the afternoon, Pippa and I helped Oswald on his herbaceous border. I rang up Horrie at the farm and heard Reg was back in bed with a relapse. He rang up himself in the evening.


Tuesday, 7 December

Christ’s Hospital – 1 Pelham Place

A busy morning packing and getting boughs, apples, etc. to take up to town.

Left by 2.30 train and got to Mabel’s in time for tea. Lil came to tea, and Enid to dinner. Rang up Anne


Wednesday, 8 December

1 Pelham Place

Had a busy and not very successful day’s shopping, and lunched at Penbertly’s [?] restaurant. Tried 12 different places for  yellow jumper for Wilma, but couldn’t find the sort she liked.

Will died 4 years ago today.


Thursday, 9 December

1 Pelham Place – 179 West Heath Road

Went off early to the Kensington Food Office to get my new emergency food card. Then to Barkers where I got a nice supply of cooked foods for Anne.

Reached her about mid-day. She looked pretty well all right after her flush attack and Sarah blooming. Had a nice walk on the heath after lunch. Grattan got back for supper and we had a very pleasant evening.

I didn’t feel very well.


Friday, 10 December

179 West Heath Road – 1 Pelham Place

Stayed with Anne till after lunch. Bussed back here in time for tea, to which Kathleen Hill came

Lil went off soon afterwards to Harley St and Graham Howe drove her down to spend the weekend with them at Woodman’s.

I felt I was in for a cold. Rang up Reg in his flat where he is laid up with flu and chest trouble to warn him that I might not be able to go down and look after him on Monday as arranged.

Hester’s birthday.


Saturday, 11 December

1 Pelham Place

Stayed in bed all day nursing a cold.


Sunday, 12 December

Stayed in bed till the afternoon. Had tea and supper in the drawing room. Did not feel up to much.

This is Mabel’s birthday and she says she has enjoyed it in spite of a very bad night.

I have given her a loudspeaker for her wireless so that she can listen-in in the drawing room instead of having to go down to the dining room.

Heard from Brighton that Reg was very poorly and being dosed every four hours with M & B. Horrie said that he and Jane would not leave before Wednesday so that it would be all right if I could get down on Tuesday.

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