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Week of 6 September 1943

Monday, 6 September 1943


Some rain in the evening. Mabel’s last day here. I felt very tired indeed.

Tuesday, 7 September 1943

I saw Mabel off by the 10 o’clock train to London. I am afraid she is not feeling at all happy but her physical strength is much better.

A Mrs Welman from White Colne and a friend Mrs Playfair, plus 5 children belonging to both families, came about teatime to view Sheepcote.

They seemed very taken with the place but only want house and garden and I told her that Mrs Hotham has got the first refusal.

Lil, Jeremy and Awly arrived by bus from Wenham in time for a late tea. He looks very strong now.

Wednesday, 8 September 1943

A glorious autumn day. The children have had a fine time. Mollie Courtauld brought Fereina [?] and Christopher over for tea.Primarily that Christopher should meet Jeremy who is going to the same school.

Bet rang up in the evening and gave us the great news that Italy has surrendered unconditionally. It was given out on the 6 o’clock news, but we had not listened in.

I had a letter from Reg saying that Aline had got her discharge from the Waffs and wanted to find a small flat in London.

Thursday, 9 September 1943

Another lovely day. Bet and the children caught the 1.40 bus back to Wenham.

I have started making an inventory of my furniture and taking some measurements with a view to the possible move next month from Sheepcote.

Anne and I picked the two crab apple trees; the fruit is being sent up to a firm in London. Anne has got sciatic pain and Sarah is a little off with a cold.

Friday, 10 September 1943

A wet morning, but turned into a lovely afternoon.

Mrs Welman from White Colne (who had inspected the house last week) brought her husband to see it with their small and very badly mannered little son. They had tea here. I don’t think he was very seriously thinking of buying.

We were expecting Grattan by late train, but he rang up to say that he would not be able to get down till tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 September 1943

A lovely warm day. Grattan got down in time for lunch.

Coe came in the afternoon and picked a couple of pear trees, and I picked a small apple tree.

Rome has been occupied by the Germans.

Sunday, 12 September 1943

A misty morning, but it turned again into a lovely afternoon.

I went to church in the morning – a dreary service.

We all felt tired, and Anne went to bed immediately after supper.

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