Thursday, 5 March 2009

Week of 13 September 1943

Monday, 13 September


Heavy rain in the night and some thunder. A warm relaxing day but it turned into a gorgeous evening.

I went to WI Committee at Damyons.

Anne and I went through linen and blankets and made lists, and I gave her some sheets, pillow cases, towels and blankets.

The Germans report that they have rescued Mussolini.

Tuesday, 14 September

Wet morning and hot afternoon.

Had a letter from Mrs Bacon to say that she would not be coming to work again. Saw Mrs Brown and arranged for her to come for an hour in the afternoon. Heard from Cobbe & Wincer that Mrs Hotham would like to buy Sheepcote (not the farm) subject to surveyor’s report, but could not take possession this winter. We are in negotiations with her about this.


Wednesday, 15 September

Fine day. Much cooler. Anne helped with jam making at the New School this afternoon. I was busy making lists and clearing drawers, etc.

I feel very tired.

The Fifth Army at Salerno are having a very grim time.


Thursday, 16 September

Fine day.

Mr Jocelyn from Braintree came over this afternoon to arrange for moving Anne’s furniture up to London. He is also to give me an estimate for clearing this house and storing the furniture in the event of my selling. I did some weeding in the garden after tea, and at supper time there was a telegram from Colonel Green to say that he was arriving tomorrow at 12.8 to inspect the house.

Better news from Salerno. The fifth army have consolidated their bridgehead and are advancing.

Friday, 17 September

A grey day, mild but rather sunless. A Colonel and Mrs Green came to inspect the house and had lunch with us. They seemed to like the place immensely, but eventually turned it down on account of the size of the house.

Anne’s neuralgia very bad all day.


Saturday, 18 September

A lovely sunny day, though cold first thing, but we had tea out of doors. Aymée Grant came to lunch and afterwards we picked mushrooms in the field. There were more than I ever remember and we gave a basketful to her, to the Stotts at the hotel and to the Leveslys. Mr Levesly came in after tea and sat out of doors with us.

Anne’s neuralgia still bad, but rather better than yesterday.


Sunday, 19 September

Fine day. I went to church at Sible Hedingham. Nice service and sermon.

In the afternoon Anne and I did great work going through all the books in view of the move. We have put about 250 in the book room to be given to the National Book Drive. Horribly dirty work and I was glad of a bath before supper which we had as usual in the kitchen.

We heard on the 6 o’clock wireless that the Prime Minister is safe home. He has been out of the country for six weeks or more.

Good news from Italy and Russia.

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