Friday, 20 March 2009

Week of Monday, 11 October 1943

Great Wenham Hall – Sheepcote

Woke to another fog which did not clear till after lunch. I stayed in bed for breakfast again. Children went off early to school. (Bet (with Alice on the bike) came down to see me off at the bus stop and then biked on to Dedham.

I got home just before 6 o’clock and got a nice welcome from Anne and Sarah. They had had tea out of doors.

Tuesday, 12 October

A lovely day. I felt very tired and under the weather, but put in a busy afternoon with Anne measuring out 18 bushels of potatoes for Major Lowe, also carrots and apples etc.

In the morning Cyril Westropp came to see me about our apples and offered to buy the lot. He is to come for them tomorrow.

Portugal has lent us bases in the Azores.


Wednesday, 13 October

Another lovely day and busier than eve. I helped Westropp collect the apples – 18 bushels for which I got £10-6-8. They varied in price from Cox’s  Orange at £1-6-8 to a small unknown variety at 4/-.

In the afternoon Anne took Sarah round the village to say goodbye. I rested. Maud Wright who has been been working here this week did some tidying up of my winter things.

Italy has declared war on Germany.


Thursday, 14 October

Lovely day. Major Lowe and Joanne came in the morning and went over the black-out and he paid me fro 13 weeks in advance plus coal, coke and potatoes which he took over. Anne met Nanny by mid-day train. She is enthusiastic about Sarah. Busy afternoon packing. After tea I paid old Mrs Coe a visit.


Friday, October 15

A fine mild day. Nanny and Sarah departed by 10 am train. Anne saw them off at the station and I travelled with them to Halstead where I got my hair waved and did some chores.

Very busy all day. Packing silver; which Mrs Bertie Coe came up to clean etc. etc. etc.

Grattan got down by evening train and we had a very picnicky supper in the kitchen.


Saturday, 16 October

Another lovely day.Jocelyn’s men turned up with pantechnicon about 8.45 and were away again about mid-day. A very tight pack but they got everything in.

I was busy all day. Major Shaw came over to see Grattan in the afternoon and brought Ronnie Runt. Aymée Grant looked in after tea. I picked a few mushrooms in the evening.


Sunday, 17 October

I had meant to go to Early Service but overslept! I was just starting off for the 11 clock but the rain was so heavy that I gave up the idea and started my packing instead. It cleared up at lunch time and Grattan was able to cut part of the lawn.

Anne and I were very busy all day. Coe came up to say goodbye. I went to evening service. It feels very odd without the wireless.

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