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Week of Monday, 4 October 1943

Monday, 4 October


A grey blustery day. Very busy going ahead with preparations to turn the home over to Major Lowe.

Pips arrived by the teatime train. She looks well and in good spirits and it is lovely having her.

Harrington arrived about 6 o’clock by my request, and he agreed to take the yard buildings (minus the one which holds my car) at a  monthly rate of £1 starting from Oct 18th. He to do the necessary repairs to the fence to prevent damage to the garden.

Wilma and Grattan went off by 8 o’clock train.


Tuesday, 5 October

Another mild and blowy day. I went down to Balls & Balls and saw Mr Kells and told him about my arrangements for the winter, including the letting of the yard buildings to Harrington. He was rather in favour of having some legal agreement, but did not think it a matter of much importance.

I rested in the afternoon whilst Pippa and Anne took Sarah down to the clinic. After tea Pips and I picked mushrooms.

A lovely sunny day with an autumn tang. Pippa went off after lunch by bus to Bets, laden with peaches and grapes – both for the Capes and her own children.

I gave away apples to various people and after tea took Aymée Grant some mushrooms. Coe came up later and I discussed winter arrangements with him.


Friday, 8 October

Cold day. I trained in to Halstead in the morning and got my hair washed and waved, and biked out.


Saturday, 9 October

Sheepcote and Gt Wenham Hall

Fine day. Very busy morning getting ready for weekend at Wenham. Rhona Smith drove me down after lunch laden with crate of hens, hamper of fruit, bundle of raspberry canes and honeysuckle, etc., etc. Anne had adjured me to take the train to Great Bentley. I accordingly arrived there soon after 5 o’clock. Found no car to meet me. Rang up Bet who said I ought to have come to Bentley, quite autre chose! I was somewhere near Clacton. At long last I persuaded a local garage man to drive m across (about 15 miles via Manningtree and East Bergholt. Arrived about 6.30. Found all well. I was very tired.

Denis left England today for an unknown destination.


Sunday, 10 October

Great Wenham Hall

Woke to a thick fog. I felt awfully tired and stayed in bed till nearly 11 o’clock when Bet, Hester and Awly went to church in camp and I looked after Alice. It cleared into a gorgeous Indian-summer afternoon.

Anne and Fabian turned up in the afternoon and the children rode on Heather.

I don’t know when I have felt more tired and dispirited.

House and garden very nice, and Bet and children in great form.

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