Monday, 4 May 2009

Week of 14 February 1944

Monday, 14 February

1 Pelham Place

Nettle rash practically gone. I walked round by S Ken and actually ordered a hat in a shop recommended by Kathleen Hill! Jane Thurlow Place. In the afternoon Daphne Pemberton came to see me. She and Dick are staying up at the Barkeston Gardens Hotel for a few days. She gave us news of all the family. Christopher’s corvette is based on Freetown and I have written to Margaret Mabey to look him up.


Tuesday, 15 February

A cold fine day. Mabel woke with a painful inflamed eye and stayed in bed all day. I walked as far as Harrods in the morning, doing some commissions on the way. It was just about as much as I felt up for, and I bussed back.

Dr Atkinson came after lunch and is delighted with my improvement. Blood pressure down to 150. Reflex actions functioning . No reserve and I must continue to go very slow for the time being.


Wednesday, 16 February

A horrid wet day. After lunch I went by train and bus  (I couldn’t get a taxi) to Miss Godwin, 14 Garvay Rd, who is refurbishing some of my old clothes. I felt very poorly there and had to sit down several times, and realised that my tether was very short still.

We got a prospectus of Bourne Hill Hotel, Bournemouth,  where they can give us 2 single rooms for next Tuesday. It looks very attractive judging from the brochure and we are pleased to have something settled.


Thursday, 17 February

Another unpleasant drizzling day which I have spent in bed, as I felt very overtired this morning.

We were expecting to see Reg, but I had a p.c. to say he wouldn’t be able to come.

Lil lunched with Mrs Hagedorn at the Crete Restaurant and brought her back afterwards. Mabel had Kathleen Hill, Nan Parker and another woman to tea.


Friday, 18 February

Felt better today and went to Squirrel in Sloane St before lunch to have my hair waved by Miss Heppel. On my way back I fitted my hat at Jane Morris, Thurlow Place. I think it is a success.


Saturday, 19 February

There was a very noisy raid in the early hours this morning. Great amount of flak and we heard a bomb drop which demolished a house in Queen’s Gate. The damage was fairly widespread and there were casualties.

I felt poorly and did not get up till teatime. Mabel had a busy morning, and in the afternoon went to Queen’s Gate to see the extent of the damage, and to enquire for Mrs Gruzebook who was quite unhurt.


Sunday, 20 February

No raid last night thank goodness. A bitterly cold morning. Mabel went to St Martin’s and I to the 12 o’clock service at St Luke’s.

Reg came and spent the afternoon with us. He is staying up in town at the club tonight. He looked distinctly better.

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