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Week of 7 February 1943

Monday, 7 February

1 Pelham Place

A much milder day. I got up in time for tea which we had in the drawing room. I did not go out of doors. Did not really feel any inclination. But I rang up Anne and she and Sarah will come to lunch on Wednesday which will be nice.


Tuesday, 8 February

Feeling better and Dr Atkinson who came to see me was very pleased with the improvement I had made in the week. Blood pressure down to 160 from 180 (140 is about the normal) and my colour much less ‘hectic’. He still thinks I have a great deal of leeway to make up and that my reflex actions are not what they should be, nor my balance quite satisfactory. I am to carry on with the same programme (viz bed most of the day) for another week when he will see me again. Same medicines and sleeping tablet.

Reg came to lunch and saw me afterwards. He had parted with Aline who has gone back to her flat. He had taken her for a couple of days to a hotel after she left the hospital.


Wednesday, 9 February

I felt better today and everybody said I looked so.

Anne and Sarah came to lunch, looking blooming.

Mabel went to a lecture with Kathleen Hill given by Phyllis Bottome on the Jewish problem.


Thursday, 10 February

A very cold day. I hoped to get out in the afternoon, but there was a high wind and very icy so I gave it up.

Lil went out to tea with Diana and Mabel went to see her oculist Mr King who found that the cataract had increased, but thought there would be no question of an operation for years to come.

Enid came in and sat with me.


Friday, 11 February

Another very cold day but much less wind and I was able to go out for a short walk which I enjoyed. My first for twelve days.


Saturday, 12 February

A fine day and I hoped to get out for a walk, but I came out in a virulent rash which put a stop to this. Dr Atkinson came to see me and said it was a nettle rash and prescribed a cooling lotion, etc. etc.

Mabel went to the Cavalry Club to have tea with Jack Miller and met a pleasant Belgian naval man. I had tea upstairs with Lil.


Sunday, 13 February

A grey unpleasant day. Nettle rash rather better but still a nuisance. I did not go out except to go across to see Enid who was taking the morning in bed. Lil has taken the whole day in bed and doesn’t look up to much.

Mabel went to church at St Martins.

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