Saturday, 9 May 2009

Week of 28 February 1944

Monday, 28 February

Monreith Hotel Bournemouth

A lovely sunny morning; I feel distinctly better and I think Lil does too. It was bitterly cold but we were able to sit out in an esplanade shelter both morning and afternoon.


Tuesday, 29 Feb

Not quite such a good day but we were able to sit out on the esplanade.


Wednesday, 1 March

Feeling rather better. Lil stayed in till lunch writing letters. I went up into the town for morning coffee, etc. In the afternoon we went to the Carlton Cinema, Boscombe, to see Bette Davis in Now Voyager. I had seen it before Lil hadn’t. It’s very good. We had tea at Stewarts afterwards.


Thursday, 2 March

A really lovely morning. We got up earlier and sat out for quite a long time in the esplanade shelter. I heard from Pippa, Bets and Anne. James has had his tonsils safely removed, Wenham is in quarantine as Awly in bed under suspicion of scarlet fever and all the Grattans have colds.


Friday, 3 March

Another lovely morning though it clouded over after lunch. I felt very good for nothing but got down to the esplanade and sat out in lovely sunshine.

Rested in the afternoon and then went to the Norfolk Hotel for tea. Very expensive. We then walked down to the sea which looked very lovely and silvery.


Saturday, 4 March

Felt better this morning and went out on my own to look for a jumper and cardigan. No success.After lunch Lil and I bussed to Poole. Then on to Sandbanks. Sat on the steps of the blitzed Haven Hotel, looking over the water and a lovely sight.

Then bussed to Branksome Town Hotel for tea. Quite the prettiest view we’ve seen. Got back soon after 6 o’clock and found a wire from Bets to say everyone OK. Had really hot baths and both felt in better spirits after our excursions.


Sunday, 5 March

A sunless and very cold day. Miss Arnold (an old lady in the hotel) drove me down in her taxi to St Peter’s church for 12.30 Communion.

In the afternoon Lil and I had tea at the Palace Court Hotel and afterwards walked along the sea front. She walked as far as Boscombe Pier and back.

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