Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Week of 6 March 1944

Monday 6 March

Monreith Hotel Bournemouth

A lovely sunny morning. I bussed up to the West Station to find out about trains back to London. Lil and I then sat out on the sea front. In the afternoon it clouded over and we went to a newsreel and then to tea at Fullers. We both of us felt bored stiff today and are glad to be returning on Wednesday. But I think I am definirely better for the change.


Tuesday, 7 March

A fine sitting-out morning. In the afternoon we rested and had tea in the hotel. Later we took a walk which we enjoyed up the West Cliff Road.


Wednesday, 8 March

Monreith Hotel Bournemouth – 1 Pelham Place

A gorgeous morning. We sat out in a shelter in blazing sunshine. Caught the 2.20 train to London. A most comfortable journey. Reached here about 5.30.

A pc from Bets to say they were all down with light scarlet fever. Mabel had sent a prepaid wire and heard that Awly was up and Bet almost recovered. Later Bet rang up Anne to know if nanny could be persuaded to go down. I rang nanny but she is poorly and can’t undertake it.

An alert about 10 o’clock but no gunfire.


Thursday, 9 March

A lot of telephoning to Wenham this morning to know if Bet would like me to try and get someone to go down but she didn’t wish it. She said the children were all better, but she was obviously feeling pretty seedy with no help of any kind.

After lunch I went to see Dr Atkinson at 1 Montpelier Sq. He thought I was better for the change, but said I had a lot of leeway to make up and must go slow this summer.


Friday, 10 March

A fine day and Mabel and I went to the lunch hour service at St Martins and heard a good address from the Bishop of Chelmsford.

At 4 o’clock I had an appointment with Graham Howe. He said all my symptoms pointed to exhaustion and that to get well would not be a short business, but he saw no reason why it should be a long one. Was definite that I should not return to Sheepcote till after Easter, and should rest a lot. As always before, he helped me quite a lot, though I could not put my finger on the how and why.

Dined with Enid.


Saturday, 11 March

I felt better today. Had lunch and tea with Anne and Sarah. Anne has a nasty abscess at the top of one eye, otherwise looked well, and Sarah blooming.


Sunday, 12 March

I didn’t go to church, but stayed in bed till nearly lunchtime.

In the afternoon I walked down to Ethel Browning, looking in for a few minutes on Mrs Parks on my way. Had a nice talk with Ethel and then came back to tea with Enid and Dan. Mabel had two or three people in to tea, and I didn’t feel up to much talking so didn’t appear.

Eire has refused the USA request to dismiss the German and Jap diplomatic representatives in Dublin.

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