Saturday, 30 May 2009

Week of 7 May 1944

Monday, 8 May


Lovely day. Had lunch and tea out of doors.


Tuesday, 9 May

Another gorgeous day after a very cold night.Mabel was busy packing for tomorrow, and I, with collecting garden produce to send up to the family.

Coe cut the rose garden lawn in the evening.


Wednesday, 10 May

A chilly grey morning turning into a lovely sunny afternoon. Mabel returned to London by 10 am train, laden with beech boughs and lilac and such produce as the garden can boast of – chiefly leeks and rhubarb. I hadn’t slept much and felt very tired and rested all the afternoon.

After tea (which I had out of doors) I went down to see Maud Wright, old Mrs Coe and Aymée Grant.

Sevastopol was taken by the Russians last night.


Thursday, 11 May

A glorious summer day. Lunch and tea under the copper beech. I read some of Will’s 1925 diary during my rest – Lausanne – Rapallo – Rome – Chesières [?]. A lot of it came back to me, but a lot I had forgotten. Coe came and worked on the flower border after tea.

After supper, I rang up Wenham and had such a nice talk with her which cheered me. All seems well and happy that Nanny is staying there.


Friday, 12 May

The perfect weather continues. I had a letter from Anne in which she tells me that she too is expecting a baby* but does not say when. Sarah has been poorly with diarrhoea and sickness. Coe and Eric Smith [?] up this evening and Coe cut the bit of lawn which is being mowed and it looks very nice.

This is Wilma’s birthday.

Italian army offensive begins.

* This turns out to have been a misunderstanding of mine!!


Saturday, 13 May

A perfect summer day. I woke very tired and did the minimum of chores and gave up any idea of biking down to the Sible Rectory fête to start the Salute the Soldier week. Lunch and tea out of doors, but afterwards there was rain and wind.


Sunday, 14 May

A bitterly cold day. I went to early service. Later, a Mrs Montefiore came to view the house. She is the wife of a Major Montefiore in the Durham Light Infantry. The house did not suit her. She said it was too big.

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