Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Week of 22 May

Monday, 22 May


Still cold but much brighter.

Bet rang up to say Nanny would not be coming this evening as expected, as she had had one of her bad sick heads and did not feel up to the bus journey.

In the afternoon there was a ring-up from Cobbe and Winer to say that Mr Cunliffe would like to send down a London surveyor to inspect this property on Wednesday.


Tuesday, 23 May

An unpleasant cold day. I didn’t feel up to much.

Our local train service has been cut – also the midday post out.

Excellent news from the Italian front in general, and the Anzio beachhead in particular.


Wednesday, 24 May

A lovely day. I felt all right again and enjoyed a holiday feeling. Did no cooking and we had a cold picnic lunch out of doors.

After tea Lil and I went round the village and called at the Montys, Lady Ryecroft, also Marjorie Mathis and Maud Wright.

Posted a box of gooseberries and asparagus to Anne and a fine lot of lily of the valley to Mabel.

The honourable Geoffrey Cunliffe had arranged to send down a surveyor to inspect, but he was unable to come owing to train restrictions.


Thursday, 25 May

A grey depressing day. I felt very tired again, and did not go out except for meat pies, etc.

Miss Way who is lodging at Stocks came to tea. I made sandwiches, biscuits and scones!!!

War news from Italy continues excellent.

Lil has a little chill.


Friday, 26 May

A glorious summer day, and Lil and I had lunch, tea and supper out of doors. In the morning I got a letter from Mr Cunliffe (the Hon Geoffrey) definitely saying that he would like to buy the house and garden (not the farm) subject to his surveyor’s report, and he was prepared to give my price of £3800.

So I suppose that is that! My heart sank at the thought of giving up my home.

Rang up Bet this evening and it is fixed that she shall bring the children over next Thursday, transport permitting, and Anne and Sarah are due that same day.

Planes overhead noisier than ever.


Saturday, 27 May

Another glorious day. Lil and I had lunch, tea and supper out of doors. After tea I took round lily of the valley and asparagus to Lady Ryecroft, and lily of the valley to Aymée Grant. Coe and Erb Smith did great work in tying up raspberries. Lady Ryecroft has lent a cot, playpen and blankets for Sarah. Anne and S, and the Capel-Dunns all hope to get here on Thursday.


Sunday, 28 May

A glorious Whit Sunday. I went to the 8 o’clock service and carried my breakfast out of doors on my return. Did not go to church again.

Had all meals including supper under the copper beech. No, by the way, we had tea in the drawing room so as to listen in to the Anvil.

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