Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Week of 29 May 1944

Monday 29 May


Hottest Whit Monday for many years. Shade temp. over 80. I biked to the Montys in the morning and cadged the loan of their camp bed from Stocks. Likewise to Lady Ryecroft for a high chair for Sarah. Met Lil down at the Sible gas room and inspected 2 gas fires (second hand) which she will probably make an offer for.

News continues excellent from Italy.


Tuesday, 30 May

Another very hot day with a shade temp. of over 80 in the Straits, but it has turned cooler this evening. Supper under the copper beech. Coe planted 24 tomato plants. Lil busy with packing.


Wednesday, 31 May

A much cooler day. Saw Lil off by the 10 am train. On my return found a message from Cobbe and Winer that he would ring me up later. It was to say that Mr Cunliffe’s surveyor would come down tomorrow. Much telephoning to arrange from transit from Braintree.

Very busy all day arranging for influx of Bet and Anne and families.

Fierce fighting in Italy.


Thursday, 1 June

A very grey and heavy day with a thunderstorm in the afternoon. A Mr Fletcher came down from town to inspect the place for Mr Cunliffe and seemed very satisfied with it, so I expect the sale will go through.

Bet and the three children and Anne and Sarah all turned up in Tils’ car in time for tea in the dining room. All of them looking very fit, and it is so fine being a family again.


Friday, 2 June

A chilly windy day, but turned into a lovely evening after tea and the two babies had a lovely time on the lawn. Hester bathed in the castle pool. Pips rang up in the evening. She had heard that Poodle had had eight puppies, six of which had been destroyed.

Our forces have taken Velletri and Valmontone.


Saturday, 3 June

Another dull day, but it turned nice at teatime, and we were able to have tea out of doors.


Sunday, 4 June

Very chilly and windy with slight rain, but after tea the sun came out and the babies were able to have a jolly time on the lawn.

I went to 11 o’clock service.

The 5th and 8th armies have joined forces in the Alban Hills and are now looking down the slope to Rome with the Germans in retreat.

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