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Week of 1 January 1945

Monday, 1 January

210 Coleherne Court

Another bitterly cold day. Lil poorly, and stayed in bed all day.

I lunched at Harper's. Then I went and fetched Mabel and went with her in a taxi to Devonshire Place where she had an appointment with a psychiatrist, a Dr Harris. She liked him and is to see him again in a fortnight's time.

He saw me for a minute or two afterwards. diagnosis the same as always. He struck me as the kind of man who might be helpful to Mabel.

Anne rang me up in the evening to say she had had the doctor who said she had got abdominal influenza.

Tuesday, 2 January

Much milder. I lunched early and went out to Anne who is in bed with flu - not very bad, but the gastric kind. Nanny came this morning and took Sarah back with her for a couple of days.

I gave Anne her tea, brought her her rations. Rang up Pips and arranged that Philippa should go down to Wenham without me. I feel very disappointed not to see them all.

Wednesday, 3 January

Mabel rang up early in the morning to say that Ethel Browning's house had had its windows shattered by a rocket and after a good deal of palaver it was decided that Ethel should move over here and Ruth should go to Mabel for a few days.

Ethel turned up after tea, seemingly little the worse and refused to go to bed till after supper. I moved into the maid's little room - not at all uncomfortable.

Lunched with Kathleen Hill but cried off the film as there was so much to do here.

Thursday, 4 January

Went out to Golders Green for lunch and tea. Anne still poorly but got up to lunch. I cooked a supper as Oswald was coming to dine and sleep - lentil soup and fish au gratin.

Came back after tea and found a letter from Wilma asking me to go down there later in the month to housekeep for her and Jo Bawtree whilst Ray and Tess were away, but think I had better not undertake it

Friday, 5 January

Bought some odds and ends for Anne's birthday. Had tea with Mabel. Pippa rang up from Lyd. She and Oswald arrived this evening to find no water! As usual!

Saturday, 6 January

Shopped in the morning, mostly things for Anne's birthday on Monday.

In the afternoon I went to tea with Enid and looked in on Mabel afterwards.

Sunday, 7 January

Bitterly cold. I went to morning service at the church in Redcliffe Sq. No heating and I came back nearly frozen and had to ask Lil for a hot whisky drink. Turned very dark at lunch time with sleet showers.

Went out to Golders Green and had tea with the 3 Grattans. Anne still poorly, Sarah looking blooming after her visit to Nanny.

Lil went to tea with Enid. Ethel and Ruth entertained two South cousins to tea here.

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