Saturday, 25 July 2009

Week of 8 January 1945

Monday, 8 January

210 Coleherne Court, London SW10

Bitterly cold. I did not stir out all day. Did some cooking etc.

This is Anne's birthday. Not very festive as she is still feeling poorly and had some neuralgia.

Ethel stayed in bed till teatime. Pippa rang up in the evening; heavy snow there, and 4 pipes burst! Oswald in the house with a slight chill.

Tuesday, 9 January

A really beastly day of snow and slush. Ethel had been going back but we heard such a dismal account of her room that Lil insisted on her staying another day.

Wednesday, 10 January

Snow and bitterly cold, but much brighter. Ethel went back after lunch. I drove her back in a taxi. Ruth had a fine fire blazing and the sitting room window all reglazed.

I went on to tea with Mabel and saw Eve and Dan for a few minutes.

Thursday, 11 January

Still bitterly cold with heavy sleet showers. Ray Bawtree came to fetch me soon after 12 o'clock and gave me a first-class lunch at La Coquille in St Martin's Lane. Afterwards we went to see Henry V. He insisted on seeing me back to my door here. He gave me a great account of Wilma which on the whole cheered me.

Mabel lunched here with Lil. Patience Robb rang me up when I was out but I phoned her at Limpsfield [?] this evening. She and her husband have taken a house at Hampstead for a year.

Friday, 12 January

A cold raw day but snow melting. I shopped in the morning and lunched at the ABC Baker St, then went on to Anne. She looked poorly and Sarah has a cold.

Lil took Jeremy out to lunch and a children's film and had tea with Diana.

Saturday, 13 January

Raw and disagreeable. Mabel in bed today with bad neuritis. Saw her this morning and again this afternoon and had tea with her, and looked in on Enid afterwards and saw Eve and Dan. They all seemed poorly with colds. Jeremy is also laid up with a feverish chill. Lil spent the afternoon there reading to him and then went on to have tea with Roddy at the Berkeley. She came back in a state of gloom and very tired. What a day!!

Sunday, 14 January

Fine dry day. I gave church a miss and stayed indoors till after lunch, writing letters and doing chores.

Lil very poorly and stayed in bed till tea time. Roddy had tea with her. I had tea with Mabel who was also in bed but in less pain.

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