Saturday, 25 July 2009

Week of 15 January 1945

Monday, 15 January

210 Coleherne Court, London SW10

Fine dry day. I was at Liverpool St station by 11.15 to meet Hester, Awly and Philippa and escort them across London, but their train was an hour and a half late. Hester has had her plaits cut off and looks very nice. We lunched at the Euston Station Hotel where Mabel joined us.

We saw H and A into their school compartment then taxied across to Victoria and saw Philippa off by the 3.18.

Back to tea with Lil who is in bed. Heard later from Wenham that Bet had been to Ipswich hospital and had a septic finger lanced. Under anaesthetic for 2 hours. Tried but failed to get Nanny to go down to help.

Tuesday, 16 January

Fine cold day. I kept to my room though not to bed. Lil still heavy with cold but went with Jeremy and Diana to see Alice in Wonderland. Got to bed on her return. Mabel came to tea with me after being with Dr Harris. She was very pleased with the interview and found him a great help. Rang up Wenham both morning and evening. A better account of Bet but Alice has had earache and the doctor fears she may have to have her drum pierced.

Wednesday, 17 January

In bed all day with heavy cold. Lil was up in the morning preparing lunch for GH, but he rang up at the last moment to say he was prevented from coming. She went to bed in the afternoon.

Better news of both Bet and Alice.

Warsaw taken by the Russian Army.

Thursday, 18 January

A windy wet day. My cold distinctly better, so I met Reg as arranged at the RAC and went on to lunch at the Ecu de France in Jermyn St. Very pleasant.

Lil in bed all day. I found Mabel with her when I came back. Much better news from Wenham.

Friday, 19 January

Icy cold day but bright. Lil in bed with mild flu. I did her weekend shopping etc. and lunched at Bertorelli. Had phone talks with both Wenham and Christ's Hospital. Bet's finger much better. Alice looking very poorly and had a bad night. Barnaby has a bad cough. Heavy snow storm down there.

Pips says she is afraid Oswald is starting flu and that Nicky's eyes have been hurting her.

Great Russian victories in Poland. Cracow has fallen.

Saturday, January 20

Very cold day. Some snow. Lil better but stayed in bed all day. I was busy with cooking, etc. and only went out for necessary rations etc. in the afternoon. Felt dead beat in the evening.

I rang up Wenham. Bet answered very cheerily. Everyone better. Denis down for the weekend.

Sunday, 21 January

Colder than ever. Stayed in bed all day. Lil luckily was better and able to cope with necessaries in her dressing gown. Mabel also in bed! Enid was the only one up and about!

Several loud crumps.

The Russia advance into the Reich (East Prussia) continues on a spectacular scale.

Pips rang up. Lil answered the phone. Oswald has had flu but is better.

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