Monday, 6 July 2009

Week of 25 September 1944

Monday, 25 September


A cold bright day. Rang up Wenham and heard that all was going well and arranged to go over there tomorrow and stay till Thursday or Friday.

Biked to Sible and had tea with Miss Heyworth and measured her shed to see if it would take both my car and Grattan's. It seems very doubtful but Til Smith will inspect and let us know.

Heard that the Courtauld's house was damaged by blast last night and went down to the Montys to enquire, but heard that they were staying at Spensers.

I rang up Mabel and Pippa rang me up. The children have heavy colds.

Tuesday, 26 September

Sheepcote - Great Wenham Hall

A lovely day - quite hot at times. Was busy all morning. Had an early lunch and caught the 1.40 bus at the door for Wenham. Mary Welfare met me at their bus halt with Alice and Sarah. Found Bet looking splendid and the baby not nearly so hideous as described by Anne. He will be very nice I think. He is to be called Barnaby Philip Hessey.

Sat with Bet quite a long time. She has had a cable and 2 letters from Denis. Anne looks a bit tired. She and Nanny have managed splendidly.

An alert and cramp this evening.

Wednesday, 27 September

Great Wenham Hall

A beastly day. Very cold and some heavy downpours. The registrar came to take particulars of birth and give Bet the certificates. Also the district nurse who seems extremely nice, and in the afternoon Dr McBride. They are both completely satisfied with Bet and Barnaby. I had brought over a chicken which we had for lunch and Anne roast it to a turn.

Thursday, 28 September

A lovely morning. I took Alice and Sarah out in the pram, but in the afternoon it clouded over and was cold and miserable. Betty had a comfortable day - as did Barnaby. Doctor did not come.

Friday, 29 September

Great Wenham Hall - Sheepcote

A dull grey morning. Bet and Barnaby doing fine. I left Wenham after lunch and got home in time for tea. Mrs Rulton was here and got a nice tea ready and fire burning, and I had an interesting pile of letters. All the same I felt very low and lonely.

Two alerts before bedtime and several Doodles very close and low. I felt rather nervous and went out of doors to see what was going on and passed the time of night with the Stotts over the way.

Saturday, 30 September


A fine day. Very busy getting all the outside things together which are going over to Betty's on Tuesday.

Sunday, 1 October

No alert last night thank goodness. Bitterly cold and I have got a cold so stayed in bed most of the morning, except for getting my breakfast as I am alone of course today.

Calais has been taken by the Canadians.

8.30 pm. Just rang up Great Wenham and hear that Denis is expected any moment.

Later. Have just rung up Christ's Hospital. All their colds are better. Philippa had her first riding lesson yesterday, and greatly enjoyed it.

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