Friday, 26 June 2009

Week of 18 September

Monday, 18 September


A fine day but not a patch on yesterday. Mabel busy with packing and goodbye visits to the village. I collected autumn leaves and flowers for her to take up. Before supper Enid rang up to say that Mab’s house was in a terrible windowless condition; all the same she and Lil thought she had better stick to her plan of going up tomorrow, and she is determined to do so. I am afraid she is going back to great discomfort.


Tuesday, 19 September

A fine but sunless day. Saw Mabel off by 9.56 train. Then went on to leave a nightgown to be repaired by Miss Bowtle.

The house seemed very quiet and empty when I got back. I felt very tired.

The Monties were picking apples at Stocks and brought me in some, and stayed for tea. Rang up Mable in evening, and heard all was reasonably well, but it sounded very uncomfortable.


Wednesday, 20 September

A perfectly glorious day. I lunched and had tea outside. Felt much more cheerful. Esmée came in about 8 o’clock and stayed till after the 9 o’clock news, by which time I felt quite exhausted. There was an alert while she was here, and Beard called to tell me I was showing too much light. I rang up Bet and arranged to bus over there next Tuesday and stay a night, or possibly two.


Thursday, 21 September

An unpleasant day – dark and very exhausting but mild as milk. I did not have a very good night and felt awfully tired. Got through a certain amount of chores.

Mabel rang me up to say that Lil had met Hester and Awly at Liverpool St on their way to school, and had taken them to a film, and everything had gone very well and cheerfully.


Friday, 22 September

A fine brisk day and I felt much more life. Had lunch and tea out of doors.

In the evening I rang up Great Wenham. Anne answered as Bet was tired and had gone to bed after tea. All well.


Saturday, 23 September

Anne rang up about 8am to say that Bet’s son had just been born. Both quite all right and the doctor had just departed. He and the nurse had come about 10pm. Stayed till 1am. Then both went home, but were summoned and back again by 4am. I phoned Pippa and Mabel and wired Wilma. Rang up Wenham again at midday and in the evening. Everything satisfactory. The baby weighs 7 lbs 2 oz, has lots of dark hair and Anne says he is as hideous as Awly [well really, ed.!].

A busy day packing silver for Mrs Coe to clean, and supervising Coe moving out of door things for Bet into the barn. Also taking harvest decorations to the church.


Sunday, 24 September

Real equinocturnal weather. Gale and downpours of rain. I braved the weather and went to the Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Canon Horne preached.

Rang up Wenham morning and evening. Betty and ? seem o be going on very well. Anne has had a bad go of neuralgia and Mary Welfare answered the telephone this evening.

An alert and a loud crump this evening.

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