Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Week of 29 January 1945

Monday, 29 January

210 Coleherne Court, London SW10 - 1 Pelham Place

Busy packing in the morning. Lunched with Lil at Betorelli after a glass o beer at the pub.

Came over here in the afternoon with most of my luggage and was very comfortably unpacked by the time Mabel returned. Lift luckily working again.

Tuesday, 30 January - 1 Pelham Place London SW7

Had a very good night. Horrible day with thick snow rapidly turning to slush. Went out to Golders Green, and had lunch and tea with Anne and Sarah.

We were expecting Patience and her family, but she rang up to say Hughie was lost on his way back from school so they couldn't come. He was found later by a kind lady, weeping bitterly on the pavement and was returned intact.

A quick thaw.

Wednesday, 31 January

Very much milder. Stayed indoors till after lunch. Then went to Gabbitas Thring to put irons in the fire for a school for Joan Bruce.

Thursday, 1 February

Mild and springlike. I went to the National Gallery Lunchtime concert - the Zorian String Quartet (female) playing a Schubert quartet and a quartet by Priaulx Rainier - a woman composer who came on the platform afterwards. I liked it.

Lil came to tea here. Mabel and I both felt very tired. Grattan called for meat pies. He has a horrid cold and so have Anne and Sarah.

The Russians are only 40 miles from Berlin.

Friday, 2 February

Felt very tired and stayed in bed till nearly lunch-time.

Ethel lunched here looking very old and tired. I went in to Enid's after tea. Rang up Bet in the evening. Denis not going down this week-end (out of the country as a matter of fact!). Bet will be very lonely as Phyllis with husband and baby is going away for a few days.

Saturday, 3 February

Lovely spring day. Shopped in morning. Lunched with Lil at The Boltons pub, and went back with her to the flat afterwards.

Came back to tea with Mabel. Rang up Wenham, all well.

Sunday, 4 February

Another lovely day. Felt very tired and did not go to church. After lunch went to the Cambridge theatre in hope of getting a ticket for Mosewitch's [?] concert, but the hall was sold out. Mabel interviewed a Miss Rogers, a friend of Peggy Richardson's as a tenant for her top room. Nothing actually fixed yet.

After tea I went and sat with Ethel Browning. Found Kathleen Hill here on my return.

Rang up Wenham. All well. also rang up Anne. Grattan answered and said Anne was in bed with headache and feeling sick.

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