Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Week of 5 February 1945

Monday, 5 February

1 Pelham Place

Felt very tired but did some shopping in the morning.

Felix and Louise Mayer came to tea in the afternoon.

Tuesday, 6 February

Lot of rain. I had my feet seen to by Miss Riniting, Chiltern Court in the morning. Then on to lunch with Lil. From there I went to see Dr Atkinson. He gave me a good overhaul and the verdict was very satisfactory. Blood pressure and general condition much more satisfactory than last year. But he finds me run down and thinks I have had flu.

Came back here to meet Nan Park and Mrs Assheton.

Rang up Bet in evening. All well.

Wednesday, 7 February

1 Pelham Place - 179 West Heath Road

A lovely springlike day. After lunch I went out to Hampstead to look after Sarah whilst Anne and Grattan went to see Love In Idleness.

When I got back, I found I had left my glasses behind so had to taxi back for them. Had a pleasant evening reading Dasha by the dining room fire as the drawing room lights had fused. Sarah was as good as gold but all three had heavy colds.

First official news of the Big Three Conference "somewhere in the Black Sea area".

Thursday, 8 February

179 West Heath Road - 1 Pelham Place

A grey day with some rain.

Before I left Hampstead Grattan got a telephone call to say his lot were moving next Monday. Got here about 12 o'clock. Lunched with Kathleen and afterwards we went to the New Victoria Cinema to see The Summer Storm, a very poor film.

Booked seats for Wilma and Patience for Love in Idleness next Tuesday.

Friday, 9 February

1 Pelham Place

A lovely day but colder. Felt much better. Had my hair washed and set by Miss Hollis at Squirrels.

Went and sat with Ethel Browning after tea, and then with Enid and Dan.

Saturday, 10 February

Bright morning turning to snow, thunder and hail. Got out to Anne's before 12. Anne met Grattan in town for lunch and they went on to a film afterwards. Sarah and I went over to Patience's house, arriving there about 3.30. Found Wilma already arrived. I had not seen her for more than a year. She looked very fit.

She came back with us after tea, and I came back here after tea, leaving her with Anne and Grattan. I felt absolutely exhausted by the time I got back.

Sunday, 11 February

Took a draught and slept well, but woke feeling very exhausted.

Took all the morning in bed., and only went out to post letters in the afternoon.

Wilma rang up to tell me that she had been phoning to Bet, and that Denis was back there having got back safe from the Black Sea Conference.

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