Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Week of 9 October 1944

Monday, 9 October


Overcast and cold. Mrs Rulton and I went through kitchen cupboards and drawers. Went to see Aymée Grant after tea. She looks rotten, not fit to be alone.

Tuesday, 10 October

A glorious day. I had my lunch out of doors. Bocking was up in the morning taking down blinds. Tils Smith came and took away the 2 cars for Miss Heyworth. Aymée Grant is seedy and in bed. I went and fetched her medicine and made her her tea.

Rang up Wenham. Bet answered. She sounded very fit.

Wednesday, 11 October

Not such a nice day. Went down again to make Aymée her tea. She seemed a little better.

Several alerts in the evening and a very loud explosion.

Thursday, 12 October

Mr Bessant was due to arrive with Mrs Cunliffe's furniture, but he was delayed and did not turn up till 8 pm. He left the removal van in the drive and he and his two men found accommodation in the village.

Friday, 13 October

A very busy day. Mr Bessant and his men had everything unloaded before 11 am when I gave them tea and they departed for a second consignment. Then the nuns from South End paid their yearly visit which meant more tea! Then I did a lot of extra cooking in view of the arrival of Pips and Philippa. After lunch Mrs Rowland dashed in to say she couldn't do the washing up. I had hardly coped with this when Bessant and men turned up again. More tea!!

Then met Pips and Philippa in Til's car. Philippa in great excitement and delight.

No alert during the evening.

Saturday, 14 October

A fine day. We all 3 went on a tour of the village including a visit to Aymée and one to Mr Grunton about the sale next Saturday.

After tea Philippa and I walked round by Scotch Pastures and got caught in the rain.

No explosions or alerts before bed time, but last night there was a very loud crump. Bet rang up. Barnaby Philip Hessey CD was christened today. Denis was down for it.

Sunday, 15 October

A lovely day but very cold. I went to Sible Church in the morning.

Philippa was feeling seedy so Pippa stayed at home with her. At lunch time her temp was 102.4, so she went to bed in Pips' room.

Coe was up here most of the day, picking apples.

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