Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Week of 16 October 1944

Monday, 16 October


Fine morning. Turned wet in the afternoon. Philippa practically normal and and got up for lunch but did not go out.

Pippa feeling poorly with rheumatic pains. She had a phone talk with Anne who said she and Sarah and Nanny would probably be going back to town on Sunday. A sergeant's wife whom Bet had put up before was coming to stay with Bet.

An alert and distant explosion in the evening.

Tuesday, 17 October

Lovely morning. Horrible afternoon of rain and storm. Bessant's foreman started painting the house, but very soon had to stop. Kelk's porter came to list the few things for the sale on Saturday to be held at the Bell Yard.

Pippa and Philippa left by the 9.56 train.

I had a non-stop day and felt a bit tired as I had had a short night.

Wednesday, 18 October

A lovely day. I felt very fit again. Had tea with the Sloans, very pleasant. Coe came up in the evening and cleared the book room. Also packed up the Hoover to send to Anne.

An alert as I was going to bed.

Thursday, 19 October

A fine day, very blustery. An alert at 5 am. Very busy all day. Walked round to see Esmée and Aymée after tea. Anne rang up to say she was going back to her flat on Sunday and she had heard from Grattan that he was getting another and more interesting job (Germany she thinks), and is coming back quite soon to London for an interview at the War Office, and hopes to get a week's leave.

Friday, 20 October

A wet day and I cancelled my appointment with Lindenham.

Fitch came and fetched the things I am selling in the village tomorrow.

Busy all day, packing linen for storage, cleaning out cupboards, etc. Paid Aymée Grant a visit after tea.

The Americans have occupied Aachen. Belgrade has been liberated by Soviet and Yugoslav forces. The Americans have invaded the Philippines.

Saturday, 21 October

A fine day. Very busy all the morning with chores and village goodbyes. Charmian Strickland came out by bus from Chelmsford arriving about 3.30.

Attended Balls & Balls sale in the Bell Yard where I was selling some "outdoor effects". Our Ransome motor mower sold very well for £51. We gave £38 for it in 1937.

Charmian was very nice and pleasant, and helped me to pack blankets, etc. She went back by a 6.40 bus.

Sunday, 22 October

My last Sunday at Castle Hedingham. Went to morning service _ not helpful or inspiring. Very busy and very tired.

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