Sunday, 6 September 2009

Week of 11 June 1945

Monday, 11 June
Great Wenham Hall
A much nicer day though still unsettled. I did quite a lot of hoeing, and also rode a short way on my bicycle - the first time since I left Sheepcote. It felt very strange but quite safe.
Borneo has been invaded by the Australians.
Phyllis and husband and baby have departed for a couple of days. Rather nice.

Tuesday, 12 June
Not a pleasant day and I felt very tired. We had our first dish of strawberries for tea.

Wednesday, 13 June
A really lovely day.I biked down to the main road and caught a bus to Ipswich. Did some shopping there (bought sleeping suits for Barnaby) and then bussed on to Woodbridge where I lunched with Helen Cobbold at White Cottage. Sybil Porter was there too. A lovely pre-war lunch and afterwards we sat on the stoop and looked out over the river, and had a great family gossip. Got back in time for tea.

Thursday, 14 June
A busy day with preparations for Mabel's arrival this afternoon, flower arranging, etc. She came in time for tea and found the place in sunshine, and was delighted with everything.

Friday, 15 June
A chilly day with occasional sunny interludes. Mabel and I took a walk in the morning and I rested in the afternoon and fell fast asleep.
After supper we shredded redcurrants which Mabel had fetched from the village shop. They were a present from Mrs Robertson.

Saturday, 16 June
A chilly sunless day. Picked fruit and flowers for Mabel to take back to town with her. We walked to the main road and back, and she had an early lunch and left about 12.30. Nanny and Ella arrived after tea.
After supper I heard from Reg that after some difficulties we had had got our offer for 47 Hamilton Terrace accepted (£3500) and the surveyor's report was quite satisfactory, and he, Reg, was sending a cheque for the 10% deposit today - very exciting!

Sunday, 17 June
A lovely day. We sat out all the afternoon and had tea out of doors.
I got up late and wrote a lot of letters re the house. Went to evening service. Had strawberries for supper. Rang up Anne and told her about Hamilton Terrace.

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