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Week of 18 June 1945

Monday 18 June
Great Wenham Hall
Not quite such a nice day but we had tea out of doors. Bet went to a Conservative meeting at Capel St Mary. I rested but was hauled downstairs by Miss Edwards the clergyman's daughter re the church fĂȘte to be held here on Saturday.
Mabel rang up in the evening - very het up about the Browning impasse.

Tuesday, 19 June
A glorious midsummer day. Ethel Hogger biked over to lunch and stayed for tea which we had out of doors with a lovely dish of strawberries. I felt very tired and rested all the afternoon on a chair bed on the lawn.

Wednesday, 20 June
Unsettled and windy, and we had tea indoors for the first time but it was fine enough for me to be able to lie out most of the evening. Bet and Alice went to tea with a neighbour.

Thursday, 21 June
Fine day, turning into a quite lovely evening. Bet went into Ipswich this morning, and I biked in the East Bergholt direction.
Befoer supper Bet and I biked down to the cottage on the main road to get a hamper of pears to take up to town with me tomorrow.

Friday, 22 June
Great Wenham Hall - 1 Pelham Place
A glorious day. Sad to be returning to London. Picked flowers and packed in the morning. Caught a 3.40 train up to town, arriving soon after 6. Twelve in the carriage from Chelmsford. Got a great welcome from Mabel. Very busy distributing the garden produce to the family. Lil looked in on her way to dine at No. 6. After supper I walked down to Cheltenham Terrace to leave Ethel's contribution.
Rang up Anne.

Saturday, 23 June
1 Pelham Place
I didn't sleep very well and felt awfully tired. Lumbered up to Hampstead with a suitcase for Anne, heavy with things for Anne.
Lunched with her and then rested whilst she took Sarah to the Park.
Had tea and then came back via Lil's where I had a drink.

Sunday, 24 June
Mabel and I went to morning service at St Martin's.
Lil came to lunch and after tea Mabel and I went and sat in St James' Park. Very very hot.

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