Friday, 25 September 2009

Week of 17 September

Monday, 17 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

A hot day. Very busy. Reg went off about 11 o'clock, saw Tooth about my affairs, came back here about 5 o'clock and I drove down with him to Victoria Station.

Ruth Browning arrived soon after my return.

Tuesday, 18 September

A very hot day and very hectic. I met Hester and Awly at Liverpool St after many mishaps. They came here for a hurried lunch (quite fell for the house) and we only arrived at Euston just in time for their train. Mab came out here to tea. She has had a fall and is walking very lame.

Wednesday, 19 September

A cooler day. Remained in the house (and vicinity) all day. Anne and Sarah spent the whole day here, and Anne did Trojan work.

Enid came to tea and was enchanted with the house.

A tremendous lot of strides with three workmen in the house.

Thursday, 20 September

Rain at intervals and very unpleasant and clammy. I lunched with Mabel who was looking very seedy and in a good deal of pain from her fall. She is to see Atkinson this evening. I then did some shopping and got the enlargements of Denis's polyphotos.

Got back here about 4 o'clock and Patience came to tea, and Michael fetched her afterwards to take her to a cocktail party. They were both enthusiastic about the house.

Friday, 21 September

A lovely fresh day. I felt much better. Shopped in the morning. Mabel came to lunch.

Thomas finished his job of carpets, lino, etc. and I paid his account - £16-10-0 which I thought was moderate for all the work he has done. I went door to ask Mrs Giles some questions. She asked me in and was very pleasant. I had tea out on the verandah. Ruth was out most of the day.

Saturday, 22 September

Quite a chilly day. Very busy all morning with chores inside and out.

Lunched with Anne and Sarah. Felt very tired and came back soon afterwards. Stopped at South Lodge Flats and asked porter if he could recommend anyone for morning help. He promised to ask his wife who he thought might come.

I took me tea up to my bedroom and lay down for a couple of hours.

Sunday, 23 September

Quite cold with some heavy showers. Felt tired and spent most of the morning in bed. Ruth likewise.

Lil came out and had tea with us. Left her umbrella behind, and came back to retrieve it, when I gave her a drink.

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