Sunday, 27 September 2009

Week of 24 September 1945

Monday, 24 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Fine day. Ruth left just before 11 o'clock and Pippa arrived almost immediately afterwards, looking her very nicest. Changed her clothes and dashed off for a beauty treatment before going to lunch at the Mansion House for the yearly CH show.

Got back before 6 o'clock. Anne and Sarah had spent the day here and after Pippa's return we all 3 had drinks and then I got a taxi for Anne and Sarah to return to Hampstead.

Pippa is enthusiastic about the house.

Tuesday, 25 September

Pippa left about 11 o'clock as she had some shopping to do and wanted to catch an early train back to CH. I felt tired and all overish and it was a bitterly cold day.

Jim Hessey came out to tea and was very helpful, picture hanging, etc. As soon as he left I carried up my supper and went to bed.

Wednesday, 26 September

Had a bad night and felt good for nothing and kept to bed all day.

Enid came out to lunch and I sent her to get hers at the Clifton Restaurant, and had a cup of Bovril myself. She left early to try and find me some domestic help. I was 101 in the evening. Did not feel either lonely, nervous or depressed, my first night alone here.

Thursday, 27 September

Temperature down but did not feel up to much. Lil very kindly came out with a suitcase, prepared to spend a couple of nights and look after me, which she did most efficiently

Friday, 28 September

Felt much better and came down to tea. Lil very tired with all the unaccustomed stairs. She went to her flat in the afternoon to fetch some milk, etc.

Sarah has a heavy cold, or Anne would have been over.

Saturday, 29 September

A lovely day and quite hot. I felt almost recovered and came down in time to cook the vegetables for lunch. Enid came out soon afterwards with a suitcase prepared to stay if necessary but of course it was not, so Lil took it back with hers in a taxi. Enid stayed till after tea. I stayed up till after the 9 o'clock news.

Tilling busy window cleaning.

Sunday, 30 September

Felt tired and got up in time for lunch. Rang up Mabel and Anne afterwards and Anne said she was bringing Sarah across for tea, which she did.

Heard from Mabel that Lil was in bed with gastric flu.

Tilling finished the window cleaning and the house now looks fine.

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