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Week of 25 June 1945

Monday, 25 June
1 Pelham Place
Still very hot. In the morning I went to Jane Morris to get my hat altered and did some shopping. Gave Ethel Browning lunch at the Good Intent, King's Road. Had my hair waved by Miss Heppel and had tea with Enid.

Tuesday, 26 June
Much cooler. Had an interview with Gerald Tooth in the morning, and signed the contract for 47 Hamilton Terrace.
Came back here for lunch when I met Mrs Ballin and Ethel Browning. I then bussed up to Allsops and got the key to No. 47 and Anne met me there and we took measurements. All very satisfactory. Back to a late tea after which Ella Cree came in for a drink.

Wednesday, 27 June
Chilly and some heavy rain. Mabel went to lunch at Richmond with Olga Keith and her daughter.
I rested during the afternoon.

Thursday, 28 June
Thundery and sunless with some heavy rain. Mabel had a little cocktail party which went very pleasantly. Ivy [?] Wakefield and Lalage, Jack and Hilda Miller, Enid and Dan, Miss Rogers and ourselves. We were expecting Lady Teresa and Mrs Grazebrook but they did not turn up.

Friday, 29 June
Did some shopping in the morning and in the afternoon phoned Tooth and heard that after many vicissitudes the contracts for 47 Hamilton Terrace had been exchanged and that i was to get possession on July 12th.
Lil and Diana came to tea here, also Meg Mc Connell [?].

Saturday, 30 June
A heavy thundery day with some downpours. Mabel and I bussed out together to Maida Vale and lunched in a restaurant in a block of flats, and then went over 47 Hamilton Terrace which she greatly liked on the second visit. I then went on to Hampstead where I found Anne and Sarah rather droopy, but Sarah was pleased with the picture book and tomatoes I had brought her.

Winston Churchill delivered his last election address tonight. Not inspiring and he has a horrid cough.

Sunday, 1 July
A wretched day with constant thundery rain. Mab went to St Martin's in the morning - I to the Brompton Parish Church and stopped for Communion. Ethel Browning came to lunch.
I had tea with Lil, and after an early supper Mab and I went to a meeting held in the crypt of Brompton Church where the Liberal and Labour candidates answered questions from a specifically Christian angle. The Conservative member answered them in writing as he had a previous engagement.

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