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Week of 28 May 1945

Monday, 28 May
179 West Heath Road

Fine but cold. Called at Allsop and Co. Park Rd about houses to buy. Got several orders to see. Saw 47 Hamilton Terrace - very suitable and desirable in many ways but I am afraid too expensive.

Lunched with Mabel. After tea, when Sarah was in bed, Anne and I went over an empty house in Ferncroft Gardens not far from here. Quite unsuitable but the garden was attractive.

Rang up Reg who was most interested in Hamilton Terrace.

Tuesday, 29 May

Still very cold. Left my coat at Miss Godwin for alteration and then inspected a house in Drayton Gardens offered to me by Gilkes [?] of Hans Road. Nothing to be said in its favour. Had tea at Marigold's near Allsop & Co. where I handed in the key of Ferncroft Av and then went on to inspect 52 Clifton Hill. It had some nice points, is good for transport and has a charming garden, but a bad basement and badly in need of repair.

Wednesday, 30 May

Still cold. In the morning Anne and I and Sarah went to look over 47 Hamilton Terrace. She was very favourably impressed, but I'm afraid it would work out too expensive.

Back to lunch. Then on to Garvey [?] Rd to pick up my coat. On to Jane Morris about a hat - to Harrods for a book - got my ticket for Wenham. Had tea with Mabel. Saw Carine Cadly [?] for a few minutes. Had my hair waved by Miss Heppell. Dined with Lil and Roddy and discussed the Hamilton Terrace figures.

Thursday, 31 May

Stayed indoors in the morning. After lunch Anne and Sarah came with me to see over 52 Clifton Hill. Anne thought it quite awful. We returned very fatigued and dispirited.

I had a very early tea! Afterwards Anne took Sarah into the Park and I worked on the figures of Hamilton Terrace. Rang up Reg and arranged to meet him at the RAC tomorrow.

Friday, 1 June

A cold day with very heavy showers. Lunched at Jane Brown and then met Reg at the RAC. Discussed Hamilton Terrace figures. Later in the afternoon we went out again and inspected 47 H.T. and he was very favourably impressed.

We dined together at La Coquille and I bussed back to Anne's and I had a long talk with her about his reaction, and arranged for all the family to meet me at the house at 11 am tomorrow.

Saturday, 2 June
179 West Heath Road - Great Wenham Hall

Met Enid, Eve, Lil and Mabel at the house at 11 am. They all liked it. Eve especially enthusiastic, but all thought the basement a snag, and suggested the possibility of turning the dining room into a kitchen! Felt rather despondent and very much inclined to wash out the whole idea.

Mabel drove with me to Liverpool St in a real cloud burst. We had a very good lunch at the hotel. I then travelled down to Betty in a very crowded train. Bet and Alice met me at the house - the whole place looks lovely.

Rang up Reg and discussed the family reaction to the house. We decided that I should sleep on it.

Sunday, 3 June
Great Wenham Hall

A lovely day till evening, and Bet and I had our tea out of doors in the front of the house and had home grown radishes.

Reg rang me up both morning and afternoon about the Hamilton Terrace house, and he is to make an offer for it subject to Cosh's consent.

I went to church in the evening. Very heavy rain.

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