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Week of 3 September 1945

Monday, 3 September

1 Pelham Place

Rainy with bright intervals. Spent the morning getting cleaning utensils for 47. Mabel and I lunched at Jane Brown and I then went to 47 and met Hudson, the gardener, there.Then on to Anne and heard the great news that Bet has let her house from early October to middle March and is coming up to Anne (and I hope to me). Then back again to 47 to leave a broom. I met Tilling there and heard of the burglary next door at Dr Giles's house.

Tuesday, 4 September

Another grey and rainy day. I was up at Hamilton Terrace by 10 o'clock to let in "Miss Troll" to scrub down the house. She has made a good beginning. Called at Allsop's for key and at the Telephone Place in Mount St where I heard there was little chance of getting a telephone for the next 3 months!

Back here to lunch. Wrote letters most of the afternoon and went down to meet Lil before supper for a drink.

Wednesday, 5 September

Another horribly heavy day. I was up at 47 this morning and met Troll who was scrubbing away.

Lunched at the Dutch Oven, Baker St - saw the salvage people at the Town Hall re removing Mrs Swan's muck - Mrs Hunt's registry to put down my name for a morning help - A&N stores re auctioneering furniture.

Then back here and lay down till teatime - very tired. Cleared away the withered marigolds from Mabel's garden. Enid came in for a bit. Reg rang up to say he would spend the first week-end with me at 47.

Thursday, 6 September

A fresher day at last but very sunless. Mabel and I went up to 47 in the morning and I paid off the Troll who had finished the scrubbing and whom I was glad to see the last of. Looked at the shops at Clifton Rd, where I shall probably be registering and found a restaurant there which may be useful.

Back to lunch where I found a telephone contract waiting for me to sign. Much pleased! Went up to Mrs Hunt to interview a maid but nothing doing. Sat with Ethel Browning after tea. Rang up Ruth and invited her to stay at 47 from 17th to 24th inst.

Friday, 7 September

Went off to 47 Hamilton Terrace after an early lunch and had a satisfactory though tiring afternoon there. Got the Morrison shelter safely away and arranged with the salvage inspector to have the refuse cleared away. Also interviewed a plumber about connecting the basement batts [?] and doing one or two other jobs.

Then Anne and Sarah turned up and Anne cleaned windows and kitchen, etc. She and Sarah were entranced by the lift! We had tea out in the garden. Got back in time for supper feeling very tired.

Saturday, 8 September

A wet morning. Got my wireless licence. Heard that Bet's furnished let is off, but Cobbe and Winer are advertising the house. Mabel and I lunched at Noelle. Had a restful afternoon.

Called at Aunt Julia but could not make her hear. Then went over to Nan Park and collected some old newspapers. Flora Campbell and Margot Osborne came in here for a drink. Anne rang up to say she had just had a phone call from one of Grattan's officers giving a glowing account of Grattan's work out there.

Sunday, 9 September

Another sunless day but no rain. I got up late - finished a bit of gardening for Mabel who had gone to St Martin's - then went to midday Communion at Brompton church. Ethel came to lunch and stayed for tea.

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