Sunday, 20 September 2009

Week of 27 August 1945

Monday, 27 August

Clockfaen Hall

A very lovely day at last. The Carlyles departed in the morning, and later Major Harrison and his son took me in to Llandidloes in their car, and stood me a very nice drink in the pub.

After lunch Mabel and I shared a car with Miss Alderson and Miss Cutler and went on a tour of the Elam Valley (the Birmingham waterworks) and had a picnic tea on our return quite near to the hotel.


Tuesday, 28 August

A lovely day. In the morning Mab and I walked down again to the Wye footbridge to search for a missing cardigan of hers which was subsequently discovered in the hotel!!

After lunch we shared a car with the same two girls and drove 25 miles to Aberystwyth through glorious mountain country. We went by Devil's Bridge - a spectacular gorge - but too much of a beauty trippers' spot for my taste. Spent a couple of hours on the beach at Aberystwyth. A further exodus from the hotel today, and great friction among the remaining guests.

Wednesday, 29 August

A terrific thunderstorm last night and a pouring wet morning. The hotel seems in a state of chaos, preparatory to the wedding tomorrow.


Thursday, 30 August

Clockfaen Hall - 1 Pelham Place

A sunless morning which turned into a pouring day. We were very glad to leave.

Caught the 11.25 from Llandidloes and arrived Paddington at 5.45. The train from Shrewsbury was very crowded but we got seats. It was an hour before we could get a taxi. and we reached here just after 7 o'clock - very tired. Dined with Enid.


Friday, 31 August

1 Pelham Place

A fine day but heavy. I felt very tired and decided not to do much. Got a book for Philippa's birthday, sausages for Anne, and then went out to No. 47 and saw that the Morrison shelter was still there, and that the decorator had been. Then on to lunch with Anne and Sarah and stayed for tea. Heard a lot of news from Wenham. Anne was very helpful with suggestions for my move.


Saturday, 1 September

A grey heavy day with occasional rain. I felt poorly and stayed in bed during the morning.

After lunch I went over to 47 where Anne and Sarah joined me later and we had a picnic tea on the loggia. Tilching [?], the "decorator", also turned up and we fixed up certain matters. Afterwards I went to Kilburn Park Road and found a woman whose address had previously been given, who agreed to come and scrub for me 4 mornings next week.

Sunday, 2 September

Another heavy sunless day. I felt very tired and spent the morning in bed. Mabel went to St Martin's. Ethel came to lunch and stayed for tea. Afterwards I walked over to Lil's and had a talk and she gave me a drink. Back here to supper and afterwards Mabel and I went over to Enid's to see Margot who was spending the evening there.

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