Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Week of 9 July 1945

Monday, 9 July

Great Wenham Hall

A lovely fresh day. Bet and I both slept well, and Bet has been busy all the time, cooking, washing and gardening. She had a good many letters this morning , so did I, and I wrote a long letter to Reg explaining my views about Hamilton Terrace.

This is the day that Hester and Awly were to be told about Denis.

Tuesday, 10 July

A very wet day but cleared in the evening when I took a short walk. I had rested in the afternoon as I was tired after a nearly a sleepless night.

Betty and I had a big post.

Wednesday, 11 July

A sunless day till evening when it became lovely and bright. I went for a bicycle ride after tea - about 6 or 7 miles. Had a ring up from Allsop and Co. about the purchase of fittings in 47 Hamilton Terrace before completion of purchase tomorrow!

Rang up Gerald Tooth after supper and he promised to fix it up. I told him that I thought it almost certain that the lease would have to be sold again, and he quite understood the altered circumstances.

Thursday, 12 July

A lovely fresh day. We had an early lunch and I took the bus into Ipswich and did a few chores, and brought back some toys for the children which were very popular.

Roddy rang up a couple of times during the evening, and it was finally decided he would come down here on Saturday afternoon, returning to London Sunday evening.

Friday, 13 July

A very unpleasant day. Nothing much!.

Saturday, 14 July

A heavy day but improved towards evening. Roddy rang up after lunch to say that he had not been able to get standing room in the train so was coming down by the next.

He arrived about 6 o'clock and had a long talk with Bet on the lawn till suppertime and afterwards they went into the study to discuss Bet's financial position. All the children very fractious and Phyllis and I were very busy trying to prevent them crying reaching the study.

Sunday, 15 July

A very hot day. Bet and Roddy left on bikes before 8 o'clock. They took sandwiches and did not get back till 4 o'clock. They went first to [?] and then to Shotley. Must have been quite 40 miles and they came back very sunburnt and rather tired, but I think the trip had been worthwhile.

Roddy left soon after 5 o'clock.

I went to evening service. Heavy rain later. Rang up Mabel and heard that all was well with her and with Anne.

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