Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Week of 16 July 1945

Monday, 16 July
Great Wenham Hall
Blowing a gale but no rain. I did some hoeing in the garden. No developments.

Tuesday, 17 July
A fine day but a very sad one.

Wednesday, 18 July
A hot sunny day, but overcast and threatening later. Bet went into Ipswich in the morning to see Cobbe and Winer, returning to a late lunch.

Thursday, 19 July
A notice in the Times Society Page of the death of Sir ? Matkin [?], Denis and other passengers on the missing Liberator, in which it was stated that the search had now been abandoned.
Bet and I watered tomatoes and did some hoeing.
Pips rang up after supper to say she would go up to town tomorrow to see Anne, and I arranged that I would go down to CH for a night next week.

Friday, 20 July
No rain but a very heavy tiring day. Roddy rang up Bet after tea and told her that Bill Bentinck and General Jacob had been drawing up a notice about Denis for the Times but it was being sent to Potsdam for Sir Hastings Ismay's approval, so it would not be appearing for some days.
Walter and Phyllis Rowe [?] left after tea with Stephanie on their three days' leave.

Saturday, 21 July
A very windy day but sunny and warm. Bet and I did some quite energetic gardening - she dibbling in leeks, etc. etc. and I hoeing and cutting down herbaceous stuff.

Sunday, 22 July

A fine day, but still a lot of wind. Bet looks dead to the world, and I feel very tired myself. Went to morning service.

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