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Week of 1 January 1946

Tuesday, 1 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg, Joan and I walked in Regent's Park and fed the swans and saw the ice forming on the lake. Then they both left in a taxi to join Aline for lunch and then to the Westminster Eye Hospital where Joan has to go for an operation.

I lunched at Alexandra Court and then went to Oxford Street to change a book for Awly. Back to do some cooking and Reg turned up for a late tea after having a tooth out. Spoke to Pips, Bet and Anne on the telephone wishing them all a happy new year.

Reg slept here

Wednesday, 2 January

Reg wanted to catch the 9.18 train to Horsham but failed to get a taxi so changed his plans and sat with Joan at the hospital - going down in the afternoon.

Anne and Sarah came over to tea and afterwards I went to see Rex Harrison in A Rake's Progress and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday, 3 January

I spent the afternoon with Joan at the hospital and she was quite bright and happy till at the end when she cried bitterly and said she did not want me to go.

Oswald turned up about 9 o'clock and I made him some hot chocolate and he appreciated it and the Maison Orso assorted patisseries.

Oswald slept here.

Friday, 4 January

Oswald left about 10 o'clock. Later I went down to the Marylebone Free Library and signed a form which enables me to take out books.

In the afternoon I bussed down to S Ken and did a little shopping and changed my book - sat with Aunt Julia for a short time (she is happy and peaceful and very little changed) - then tea with Mabel and finally a very short visit to Enid. Rang up Joan's hospital and found her op. has been put off till next week as she has a cold.

Saturday, 5 January

I shopped locally in the morning. Lunched out at a local restaurant and afterwards met Kathleen Hill at Studio No. 1 to see La Mort du Cygne - a really lovely film with wonderful child actors and ballet dancers. Then I went on to Lil and had tea with her. She is in bed with a heavy cold and looks seedy.

Sunday, 6 January

Lovely springlike day. Ethel came to lunch and stayed till after 6 o'clock. After which I went to evening service at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace. Very [??] and uninspiring. Lil and Mabel both in bed with fluish chills and Grattan and Sarah both seedy with same.

Rang up Christ's Hospital and heard from Bessie that Philippa was all right and would go down to Wenham tomorrow. I phoned Bet and fixed it up her end and will meet Philippa in the morning at Victoria.

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