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Week of 7 January 1946

Monday, 7 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

I met Philippa at Victoria at 12.45 having previously bought Anne's birthday presents at the A&N stores. Philippa was hampered by an inordinately heavy suitcase which we finally deposited at Moyses and Stevens whilst we had a sandwich lunch at a Milk Bar nearby. Then taxied to Liverpool St and had an hour's wait on the platform. The train due to start at 2.30 did not arrive till 3 o'clock. I came straight here feeling tired and all overish. Found Head and Thurlow's men still here working on the leaking pipe. Hoover's people have also been here.

Tuesday, 8 January

I felt poorly and stayed in bed all day. Mrs Keegan brought me up my lunch.

It is Anne's birthday and I was due to go over for tea and bring presents, etc. but had to cancel it. They are also a seedy house with Sarah and Grattan both recovering from flu and Anne coping with a heavy cold.

Mrs Keegan brought me up my wireless.

Wednesday, 9 January

I have been downstairs all day, but not out. I am feeling much better. Mabel came out in the morning to bring me some milk but could not stay for lunch.

Pips rang up in the evening and said there was a great gale at Lyd. Later on I rang up Reg who said that Joan had had her operation but not till 7 o'clock. It appeared to have been a success.

Thursday, 10 January

I went out to Hampstead and had tea with Anne and Grattan and Sarah. S practically all right again but A and G looked very fluish and poorly.

Reg rang up in the evening. He had been up with Joan and said she was quite cheerful. He will come up again on Sunday, and I arranged to go to her tomorrow afternoon. Lil and Mabel seedy with colds and Enid with pain in the legs.

Friday, 11 January

David Paton lunched with me. I thought very improved, and found him easy and pleasant.

After lunch I went to Joan at the Westminster Hospital and had tea with her. Rang up Reg and Betty in the evening.

I am feeling much better today.

Saturday, 12 January

I went to the Westminster Hospital in the morning and read to Joan for an hour.

Lunched at home. Afterwards went to Lil and sat with her for a couple of hours and got her her tea. She was a complete wreck following a mild attack of flu.

Pips rang me up in the evening. She and Oswald are returning from Lyd on Monday. Grattan is down at C. Hedingham today, fetching his car which Tils Smith has rebored.

Sunday, 13 January

Church in morning at St Mark's then on to lunch with Mabel who looks very poorly. Called to enquire for Aunt J and had a long talk with Mrs Moss who said she had been out ?? at Venice with a grandson, and she thought she was pretty well back to normal!

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