Thursday, 22 October 2009

Week of 10 December 1945

Monday, 10 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Not nearly so bright as yesterday and still very cold. I did some shopping in Knightsbridge in the morning and saw Mabel for a minute or two. Lunched at Clarendon Court. Shopped in Oxford St in the afternoon. Lights fused again when I was boiling my kettle so I had to go down to Clifton Radio for the third time today. A small boy came and put it right.

Wilma arrived about 7 o'clock. Looks well and happy. Delighted with the house.

Tuesday, 11 December

Cold and rather foggy. Wilma and I met the Sneaks at Euston soon after 12 o'clock. Took them to the Ritz Cinema to see Our Vine Bears Tender Grapes, with Margaret O'Brien, the child film star. Afterwards we had ice creams and came back here for tea. Soon afterwards I had a phone call from an unknown doctor to say Oswald had been taken ill at a lunch party in London and could I give him a bed. This I managed to do by sending the Sneaks over to sleep with Anne. O arrived soon after looking rather groggy and went straight to bed. I phoned to Pips and she arranged to come up first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, 12 December

Oswald much better and decided to go home by morning train. Wilma saw him off. I shopped locally morning and afternoon and lunched here. Mabel came out for tea. It is her birthday.

Wilma had her hair permed at Squirrels and got back very late, and had to dash on to dine with Anne and Grattan.

Anne saw the Sneaks off to Wenham by 2.30 train.

Thursday, 13 December

A fine day. Wilma mended fuses for me in the morning and Dick and Daphne Pemberton turned up about 11 o'clock to see the house. Then Wilma and I lunched together at Clifton Restaurant after which she went on to do shopping and have tea with Patience, visiting Anne on the way.

I came back here and did some cooking. Reg turned up about 6 o'clock, Wilma an hour later, and we had a pleasant evening together talking farming, etc.

Friday, 14 December

A fine cold day. Reg went off early to meet Joan and Aline at Paddington. Wilma went out shopping and met me and Mabel at the New Gallery Cinema to see Noel Coward"s film Brief Interlude. We ate sandwiches during the film.

Afterwards I came back and rested before going to see Dr Noel Harvins in Devonshire Place to talk to him about Mabel. Lil met me there. Wilma spent the afternoon with Mrs Norbury and got back just before dinner.

I am feeling very tired.

Saturday, 15 December

A fine morning but wet in the afternoon. Wilma left for Castle Hedingham soon after 9 o'clock. She was going to Peggy Kelk's wedding (who is marrying Tommy Garge) and was then going on to spend the weekend with Bet.

I had tea with Mab, and looked in on Enid afterwards but did not stay as Enid was tired. Had a cosy supper in the drawing room.

I stamped a lot of Christmas Cards.

Sunday, 16 December

A very mild day. Some rain, some sunshine. It was one of my off days and I stayed in bed till lunch time, and did not go out of doors at all.

Was busy sending off cards and doing up Christmas presents.

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